The Best Ever Christmas Party Venue Ideas & Locations.

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Choose from one of the best corporate Christmas party venues in Sydney and enjoy it with your friends and workmates. Book your ticket now! 

I love travel enthusiasts. If you are a travel enthusiast planning for a Christmas holiday vacation in Australia this summer,Guest Posting great! I have a list of some pretty amazing places to visit and explore in Sydney whilst visiting Australia. Because Sydney, the most populous and one of the most visited cities in the world, has something that is so unique and special to offer for you. Sydney always serves its visitors with the grandeur of both popular locations and hidden gems. So, pass through what I've written and choose one of the best corporate Christmas party venues in Sydney to throw an amazing party to your friends and colleagues.   

Sydney Harbour

A Sydney visit can be addressed as something like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Because, a Sydney can make memories that are natural, authentic, and super personal to not be forgotten easily. Sydney is a gracious city that is a spectacular metropolis with lush green natural locations, abundant marine and terrestrial wildlife, and gorgeous city suburbs along with spectacular ultra-modern wow-factors. Harbour can be identified as the heart of Sydney where its most popular man-made miracles lie, astonishing the world. If you are in need of a space where you can celebrate the joy of the season in peace and party with your friends without a flaw, get on board a Christmas party harbour cruise in Sydney. Head over to Sydney Harbour and taste pure luxury and grandeur with multi-million dollar views. Spot a premium glass boat vessel, an authentic paddlewheeler, or even an ultra-modern luxury catamaran and celebrate lavishly with your friends and family. Catch sight of the sparkling city highlights such as Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Enjoy the festive vibes along with freshly prepared menu and club them up with Australian sparklings, beers, house spirits, and soft drinks available from the on board fully licensed bar.   

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island, one of Australia’s UNESCO World Heritage sites can also be seen in the heart of harbour just a short ferry ride away from the Sydney CBD.  There is no entry fee or admission charge on the island, you can visit the place both night and day depending on your personal choice. Cockatoo Island is a perfect location for history enthusiasts. You can spend a day there with your colleagues who are history lovers and keen enough to utilise the chance. Sign up for a history tour on the island and let it be both informative and fun-filled. You also will be able to enjoy the unspoilt vistas of Sydney Harbour attractions. The Cockatoo Island also hosts some of the best adults-only paranormal tours on each night, popularly known as Ghostyard. Sign up for a ghost tour if you and your workmates are looking for something that is unusual and quite memorable for this upcoming Christmas party celebration.      

Queen Victoria Building

The Queen Victoria Building, lovingly known as QVB, is a heritage-listed building often identified as a perfect location for upscale shopping in Sydney, Australia. The QVB replaced the old Sydney markets and gave it a tint of glamour and luxury in 1898. QVB is constructed in the luxury of Romanesque architectural style with a centre dome, stained glass windows, arches, pillars, and so on. The building often reflects the culture and style of the early 19th century with its sublime magnificence. This shopping site has a selection of boutique fashion shops, common and essential stores along with fancy shiny eateries. The building is home to some rarely seen historical and cultural artifacts. You can go there with your colleagues and friends for a small Christmas day celebration and purchase some shiny, glittery gifts for your family. 



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