The Coolest and Craziest Sporting Adventures

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Are you a fanatic walker, biker, or skier? Read about Let’s Go Insure’s favourite sports achievements, and insure yourself for your own adventures!

If you think that your definition of ‘adventure’ trumps everyone else’s,Guest Posting think again after reading about the feats of three travellers. Their crazy expeditions are guaranteed to blow your mind!

Although encouraging you to take on a comparable challenge would be unrealistic, – and definitely not a good idea without annual multi-trip travel insurance – the profiles below may motivate you to spice up your next holiday with a healthy dose of adventure and excitement.

Christoph Rehage

Fuelled by his love for walking, Christoph made a life-changing decision after finishing a year of studies in Beijing: he decided to walk back to his homeland of Germany. Absolutely crazy, right?! The 4,500-kilometre journey took him about two years. Christoph documented his trip in a video that has gone viral on the worldwide web, and in which you can hear about his experiences and witness his epic beard-growth. It’s definitely worth checking out, and may even inspire you to go on a walking adventure of your own. Ready, set, walk!

Juliana Buhring

If you’re a hardcore biker, look no further than this amazing story. At the age of 30, Juliana decided that it would be fun to try out cycling, and boom: as 2012 drew to a close, she was already the fastest female biker to circle all around the globe and back again! In just 152 days, she covered more than 29,000 kilometres, setting a Guinness World Record. It’s no big deal. As if that’s not impressive enough already, Juliana also took part in the first Transcontinental Race from London to Istanbul in 2013, and is the only female who has ever done so. How’s that for some girl power?

Chris Davenport

You’ve probably heard of Chris, one of our time’s major skiing prodigies. In 1998, Chris began dazzling the world with his extraordinary skiing achievements when he ascended an Everest-adjacent mountain peak of 7,132 metres, and then – despite his lack of experience at high altitudes, not to mention annual multi-trip travel insurance – effortlessly skied back down. In later years, he participated in two world championships, and skied down every major mountain in California and Colorado (and most around the world, actually), which placed him among North America’s best 25 skiers. If watching Chris ski down epic pistes is not exciting enough for you, snow problem! You can always look out for his friendly face in recent skiing films – He’s already acted in more than 25 of them, mesmerising his audiences without fail.

In love with the adrenaline rush of adventurous sporting excursions? Let’s Go Insure’s annual multi-trip travel insurance allows you to walk, run, bike, or ski further and faster than ever before. In the case of a sports-related eventuality, there’s no need to worry: you’ll always be in good hands.

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