Tips on Choosing Bachelor Party Games

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Traditionally, bachelor parties usually centre on playing poker, hiring dancers and a lot of drinking.

However,Guest Posting if you are looking to create a different experience, you have the freedom to pick out some interesting bachelor party games to spice things up. You will find that playing these games not only keeps everyone active but also creates the opportunity to make fond memories to remember into the future.

Some of the popular bachelor party games you can consider for your bachelor party include the following.

Drinking Games

Unless you are planning a party for non-drinkers, drinking games are part and parcel of any great bachelor party. There are various bachelor party games that have a drinking twist to them. You can choose from the popular options including Shit Faced, Suicide or Hockey.

Card Games

Drinking and card games go hand in hand. You can get customized or standard card decks to play the games you want including Go Fish or Black Jack among others.

If you want to give out prizes to the winners of each of the chosen bachelor party games, be sure to do it well in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

Credit Card Roulette

At the end of the night, you are bound to have a huge bill especially if the party is held at a nightclub. You can play credit card roulette to get someone to cover the bill or a big part of it.

Pin the Boobs on a Babe Game

Remember pin the tail on a donkey game? This version follows the same rules but is designed to be one of the top bachelor party games for grownups!

Spin for a dare button

You can have the bachelor wear the button all night; you should then encourage girls to spin the button after which the bachelor has to do a dare.

Share wild stories

When things start cooling down, you can get the guys together and share some wild stories which are the highlight of their lives as bachelors.

Giving Out Embarrassing Items

A top choice among humiliatingbachelor party games involves getting the bachelor to carry around a fanny pack filled with embarrassing items that he has to give out by morning.

Truth or dare with a giant boob ball

You can also play truth or dare using a giant boob ball. Pass the ball around until someone in charge yells stop, or the song playing ends. The person with the ball has to do a truth or dare.

Carrying an inflatable doll

It is common practice to humiliate the groom during his bachelor party, how about getting him to carry around an inflatable doll all night!

Inflatable doll

Dirty dancing

Stripper games are among the most popular bachelor party games of all time. You can also get a few girls at the party to perform a dirty dance around the groom.

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