Seven Type of WhatsApp Status which are creating Viral Share on Social Sites

Feb 10


Avnish Gautam Ji

Avnish Gautam Ji

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I am going to list Seven Type of such status with you that are already creating a lot of buzz all around the WhatsApp and is getting viral shares on all other social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google plus too.


Hello everyone,Seven Type of WhatsApp Status which are creating Viral Share on Social Sites Articles today we are going to talk about seven WhatsApp Status types which are creating so much viral share on Social Networking sites such that nobody could ignore thinking about them for at least once. Since, we are using WhatsApp from the past 2 years, we have seen a lot of changes that were made by the officials to it. A lot of things have been changed and not remained the same that were when WhatsApp came into existence. Anyhow, Status are still one of the most important part of one’s profile on WhatsApp and is considered as a part to impress other about the person whose profile it is.

List of 7 Types of Viral WhatsApp Status

So, here is the awaited list of most eligible type of content that can be viral on top social media websites also.

  1. Status with Best Wishes: This is one of the most popular kind of WhatsApp Status types, in which a profile feature Best Wishes for other people instead of mentioning anything about itself. Don’t you think humans impress too much when somebody gives them Good wishes regarding many aspects of life such as the Best Wishes for their future? That’s why many people love to use such status for their profiles too and go crazy to share them.
  2. Status related to Enjoyment Activities: People are very eager to enjoy. Enjoyment is something which take our mind to the next level. That’s why when somebody talks about Enjoyment activities of his or her life, the other person feels enjoyment in even listening to them. Similarly, in case of WhatsApp status when somebody update a status like, “Enjoying and having full fun at Brother’s Marriage”, it creates virility and forced the personal to develop a kind of pleasant feeling.
  3. Status about Personal Life: Don’t you think most of the people around us have the natural intention to enquiry about our personal life. Even most of us do so and want to know our personal life relations and all other things what we from morning till life. Thus, the status related to our Personal life are so trendy.
  4. Love Status: A single word “Love” is enough to define this kind of Status. Any status expressing love got viral on social sites as Humans actually Love to interfere with Love.
  5. Quotes: Quotes always got relevance wherever they are written or heard as they teach us moral values as are optimistic for all of us.
  6. Egoistic Messages Status: Someone when shows their style and ego in the form of words, it’s develop a feeling to be superior to them. Thus people make their egoistic Status to show their pride.
  7. Event Status: What we are doing? This is one of the most asked question which many of the people ask us many times even in a single day. Thus, if we tell it in the form of an ongoing event status, why not people love to read it?

We’ve sorted out these types of status after a superior research. Hope, it would help you to decide what type of status you should update for your WhatsApp profile.