5 Mistakes to Avoid for Proper Functioning of a Magento Store

Jan 29




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This article aims at focussing on the most common mistakes being done by users while running a Magento-built online store.


Running an online business in this era of highly competitive marketplace is not so easy and thus, 5 Mistakes to Avoid for Proper Functioning of a Magento Store Articles it requires a full-proof strategy to attain success. It becomes highly important to craft a winning strategy to develop a user-friendly online store and ensure success as well.


While considering the numerous eCommerce platforms, Magento comes with a wide range of features to include extensive functionality and high innovation to the online stores. However, often certain common mistakes made by users led it into inefficiency of the store and thus, it’s important to know those areas for running a Magento store successfully.


Marketing mistakes


  • Concentrating on a single source of traffic


Keeping all your focus on a single source of traffic might compel you to incur huge costs when that single source stops benefitting you. Thus, it is important for you to diversify your marketing chain and invest in different types of online digital channels as well.


  • SEO is obsolete


Over the years, the course of SEO has changed with Google putting more emphasis on White Hat SEO techniques instead of the Black Hat techniques. The rule is pretty simple which, states; develop relevant content which, can engage with your customers. Magento comes with a range of SEO features and thus, installing those can be harder.


  • There’s no need of blog


Blogs can work as a great marketing tool where, you can not only present the solution to your customer’s problem but, let people know about who you are and what you do. It leads to customer engagement with them, thereby making an emotional content. In this way, customers will feel you to be more friendly, thereby feeling ensured to invest in Magento.


Social Media Mistakes


  • Ignoring Social media


Though it’s not required to invest most of the time of your work in social media campaigning, however, you must funnel out the customer feedback which, they have posted in social media. It would be nice enough from your end, if you can like certain common mistakes including their appreciation and complaints which, they need to be addressed as well.



  • Role of social media in generating revenue


There is a wide range of community sites that place your product’s image for sale as in Pinterest. However, Facebook and twitter, spamming takes much time. Ideally, you can solve the customer's problems on online social portals as well by mentioning the purpose of your products as well.

Thus, before approaching to a Magento developer, it is important to have fair knowledge on the mistakes relating to development and kitchen as well. Having skilled professionals by your side, you will be able to consider all the significant areas before building a Magento store.