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This article focuses on highlighting the key beneficial aspects of CakePHP that have increased its popularity in the domain of web development.

With the refinements witnessed in the domain of web development,Guest Posting nowadays, there is a number of PHP-based frameworks available these Send, CodeIgniter, Laravel and much more. Thus, it has become much important for entrepreneurs to invest in the right framework for ensuring of getting ensured of seamless integration and of the development process.

Noticeably, CakePHP has gained wide acceptance as a leading PHP framework since its very inception, however, over time, the standards have become high and it’s regarded as one of the most powerful options available in the market.

Ability to create testsThis framework offers user with the ability of creating tests that help in checking the critical areas of the application. There is a bundle of both core as well as custom tests that help in building a personalized application. It’s certainly handy to develop a large application where some of the parts are critical and furthermore, the performance must be carefully checked.

CRUD ScaffoldingThe term CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete, which are typically the core activities in most of the web applications. Being extremely helpful, it lets you to see a preliminary view of application with a single line of code. In the core lib, there lies bake.php which, is now called as /console/cake that makes it easy to produce all types of models, views and controllers. Then after, they can be modified for specific business requirements of the web application.

ACL Security and FunctionalityThis framework aids in building Authorization and Security.

Ajax SupportThere is an Ajax helper class present in the core lib which, can be used in various ways like Event observer, form submit through Ajax and build in Autocomplete.

Build-in validationWhile starting coding along with CakePHP, the validation was quite basic but, while going deeper with the course, it proved to be a highly useful feature where you will be able to attach a range of advanced validation rules to each single field.

Zero configurationCakePHP doesn’t include even a single part of configuration or code where, you might need to specify url of the website or location of library as everything is auto-detected. All you need to care about in detail is the database connection settings.

Now, while going through the potentiality of CakePHP, if you have got pretty convinced that investing in CakePHP development would serve the right purpose for you, then, join hands with an adroit CakePHP specialist and develop objective-oriented web applications.

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