5 Web Design Trend You Should Avoid Right Now

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There are web design trend that works. While, some are extremely harmful for not only search engine point of view but also user point of view. Some web design trend you should avoid right now.

The whole world has been internet enabled. Today,Guest Posting it is out of the question to progress in the business without having online presence be it B2B or B2C. If you have a website you need to get updated on a regular basis to sustain your business in the competitive world of internet business. When you have a website you need to make it search engine friendly. The basics of the search engine optimization are original and engaging content, perfect Meta elements, right navigation and scientific information on your website. Moreover, you need to make your site advanced that can be in sync with tomorrow’s technology.

Hidden menu

Menu plays an important role in the field of web design. If you have a website it is very important that your menu is properly fixed so as to increase click through rate. There is a trend among the internet marketing companies in Mumbai to hide the menu while developing website. However, the hidden menu can be very harmful from the SEO point of view. Therefore, you should never hide the menu since the user will not be able to navigate the content of your website which ultimately harm your business.

Parallax web design

Today, the user interface has been one of the most important factors for the web development. There are various kind of web design to attract the users. The current trend is to keep the menu static while scrolling the web page. Some people try to make all the content visible to the users on the single screen which is called parallax web design which is not search engine friendly since it does not have option of multiple url and content. It is a single page web design which does not allow to create numbers of pages in order to put content on the website.

Animated welcome screen

Welcome screen on the website needs to be static and easily understandable in order to increase visitor’s loyalty. Some are having tendency to put animated welcome screen which is harmful in terms of search engine optimisation. Animated page can be called doorway pages as well. This animated pages are generally developed with the help of flash which takes a lot of time to load.

Avoid java

Almost all the websites use java script for the various functionalities of the website. Especially, the giant ecommerce website is bound to use java script which increases the loading time of the website. The statistics says that the user remains on the website up to 8 seconds on an average. If your website does not load faster, then the search engine will not give priority for its ranking result. You can advise your web designer to externalize the java script file in order to make your website faster.

Multiple typography

Typography is one of the most important factors to make your website beautiful. Many web designing companies in Mumbai have been using multiple typography while developing the website. However, you should avoid putting more than two sorts of typography on your website. Multiple typography may devalue the look and feel of the website.

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