Why Should You Offer WordPress Maintenance Services to Your Clients?

Oct 22


Ajeet Yadav

Ajeet Yadav

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The work doesn't end once you have successfully delivered the project to the client. A website always needs maintenance to function properly. Here are some solid reasons why you need to provide support and maintenance services to your clients.


If you’re a professional WordPress developer or agency that builds websites,Why Should You Offer WordPress Maintenance Services to Your Clients? Articles themes, and plugins for clients, the work doesn't end once you have successfully delivered the project to the client. Just like a new car or home, it also requires ongoing maintenance to ensure the proper functioning and this is where WordPress Maintenance Services come in the picture!

As a WordPress professional, you probably prefer the work that revolves around your core services like WordPress design and development. However, given that every WordPress theme, plugin or website needs somebody to look after it on an ongoing basis, providing your clients with a suite of ongoing WordPress maintenance services is always a wise option.

Bring in Extra Income with Minimal Effort

As a matter of the fact, only a few people possess the required skills and time to perform daily maintenance on their WordPress site and with the continuously increasing number of Cybercrime, many of your clients expect you to offer them expert WordPress care.

Fortunately, you as a professional WordPress developer can automate several WordPress maintenance tasks using plugins and other similar tools. These include but are not limited to backups, media and database optimization, spam protection, and updates.

By automating these crucial tasks as a part of your WordPress maintenance package, you can simply bring in additional income without putting any extra effort. All you’ll have to do is occasionally check whether or not the plugins are doing their job properly while your clients would assume you're doing the same work physically.

Diversify Your Revenue Streams

One of the most difficult aspects of working as a WordPress developer or agency is an inconsistent workload. Particularly when you're involved in freelancing, you really have no indication of how many new projects will come in from week to week or month to month. Needless to say this could soon make you run out of money!

The best thing you can do to avoid this kind of situation is to diversify your income streams. That way, you’d be able to cover the gaps in your core services. In other words, you'd still have at least some money coming in from other resources to survive your business.

Given that maintenance services are ongoing by nature, they can be a reliable source of consistent income. Hence, offering WordPress maintenance services to your clients is always wise to derive some reliable income than having none at all, particularly when you’re going through a slow stretch.

Reduce the Number of Support Requests

After handing over the project to your client, if you think your client will manage everything without your support, then you are absolutely wrong. Many issues can't be resolved without the help of a WordPress expert. So if your client faces any issue with the delivered project, he would simply send a support request to you to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

By offering WordPress maintenance services to your clients beforehand, not only you can significantly cut down the number of support requests you receive but also you have the opportunity to address potential problems even before they occur, just by following some simple WordPress best practices. Plus, you won’t have to deal with problems that occur because of clients’ negligence.

For instance, if a client site goes down, you won't have to worry about whether or not they have a backup in place to quickly recover and have the site up and running again in the least time possible.

Add Value to Your Existing Clientele

Acquiring new clients all the time is one of the most important aspects of any business and WordPress Development is no exception. In fact, the cost of sourcing clients is one of the biggest expenses for businesses today. That's because you can't survive in today's competitive marketplace without new projects.

Finding new gigs has always been time-consuming. Not only it takes you away from your core service but also it can sometimes be a real source of anxiety for you. However, if you have something like WordPress Support and Maintenance in place to offer to your existing clients, you can easily bypass the cost of customer acquisition without taking a lot of stress.

Keeping your existing clients close through maintaining their WordPress sites on an ongoing basis can help you bring in recurring revenue without any extra effort, through client retention. Also, there is no need to check if a new client is suitable to work with. Rather, you feel more secure that you have some really good existing clients who you already have a good relationship with and who you can work with on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, if you create ongoing relationships with your clients, they will be more likely to come back to you if they need another website or want you to improve/revamp theirs. And, since you’re already adding value to your clients’ businesses as a WordPress expert, they’ll definitely refer your services to others, which can eventually help you bring in more jobs and that too without requiring you to putting any extra effort.

It Shows You Are Serious About Your Client’s Business

In most cases, your clients can’t take the risk of having their website down for even a single hour. This is because their business is their livelihood. They may not realize the importance of a well-functioning website, but you do. You know exactly what happens if the website goes down, but maybe they may not even realize that this can be a huge issue.

With a WordPress maintenance plan in place, you show your clients that you’re really serious about their business. As a result, they feel supported and have confidence that, if anything goes wrong, you will always be there to handle it. So, if you want to add value to your delivery, consider offering your clients a reliable WordPress support and maintenance plan!