E-commerce website: Not your cup of Tea? Think Again!

Sep 18


Adnan Ahmed

Adnan Ahmed

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This blog discusses about how e-commerce site has become a game-changer and how you should make use of it in today's world to grow your business online.


E-commerce Website is an all in one platform which gives a business all the essential tools to grow and succeed.

But I guess you already knew that considering your interest in this blog post - So today I am not going to bore you with the same old song and dance routine of Pros and Cons list. Instead,E-commerce website: Not your cup of Tea? Think Again! Articles today, we’ll focus on the relevant topics that slip through the crack – the topics that matter.

The initial steps:

  • Development of a sound strategy: Before fulfilling any technical requirements for the business, there is a need for a thorough brainstorming session with all the involved stakeholders. It is very critical that the greatest wants and challenges of the business are identified at the very beginning. For example: If your business is dealing with the sale of physical goods, you need to work out a shipping process in advance. Or if you are selling digital products, think about the bandwidth and delivery options you’ll need. If you are starting a business in the service domain, then you need to list in advance how the delivery process will work, the specifics of what you’ll be selling and any time and payment limitations that you might face.


  • Domain: The second step is choosing a domain and platform for your business. A custom domain gives your Online store a recognizable brand that belongs just to you, e.g., fleapo.com; it also provides you a professional email address linked to your domain where people can contact you.


  • Platform: After choosing the domain, our next step involves selecting the right E-commerce platform for your business. Ideally, E-commerce websites should be built on a platform that is flexible and easy to operate. It is standard practice for new businesses, not to hard code websites. Business owners and solo entrepreneurs need a platform that they can easily integrate with their existing website. Alternatively, if case you don’t have a site yet, you will benefit greatly from a platform that allows you to build a site from scratch, in a few simple steps.
  • Payment System:

The Payment system of E-commerce website includes three key aspects:

  • How to price the products
  • How customers are going to pay you
  • How are these payments supposed to get redirected to your bank accounts?

Factors you need to consider when pricing your products for sale online:

  • The cost of materials/item
  • E-commerce Web Hosting
  • Shipping
  • Taxes
  • Fees and percentage/sale deductions from various organizations, including credit cards.
  • Flexible pricing


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