Reasons why you should have a responsive design

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Great reasons why your website should be responsive, you do not have to spend a lot of money on mobile apps, here you will find out why a responsove website will solve all your problems for your website

Responsive websites are now starting to become today’s standards of web design and development,Guest Posting the reason is the huge increase of mobile browsing. When you are on the way home from work, whether you take public transport or a private vehicle, you will see a lot of people using the internet on there phones. Ok, perhaps some are playing games and checking there facebook, but a huge percentage of users who use the internet are on mobiles devices.

I would say most websites would be better off being responsive as it will solve most problems when you view them on websites, some websites may benefit from having a mobile app, but lets not get into a mobile app vs responsive website in this article.

If responsive websites are build correctly, you will have a much better chance at converting sales as the user will have a better experience browsing your website.

A few reasons why a responsive website is a good thing.
1. Your website will look good on all devices, no need to pinch and zoom in of parts of your website, it is easy to use and the user can browse your whole website with using only the thumb, especially good when you are on the way home from work on a crowded train.

2. Google likes it, you will hear arguments with SEO guys saying that responsive websites do and don’t get you extra buddy points with Google indexing your website higher. Which ever is true you would think with the way Google changes the algorithm, it would be coming in soon if not so already. If you make Google happy, they will usually make you happy.

3. Cheaper than a mobile app, while in some cases a mobile app is better than a responsive website, majority of the time a responsive website is better for information and e-commerce websites.

You can have a website that will look almost exactly like what you would have on a mobile app, but cheaper and easier to access for your customers. It is easier for users to just view your website in a mobile browser than downloading a mobile app for your site.

4. Website looks modern and up to date, websites these days are being built to be responsive by default. So if you have a responsive website, you customers will know you are up to date with the latest technologies. Having a website that looks like it was built in the 1990's will not look good for your customers, some may think your company might not be that successful or you are not around anymore.

5. Easy to read on smaller devices, as all websites will align perfectly just how you want your cutomers to see them, you can have your customer view your entire website buy just using one thumb and not having to pinch and zoom in manually.
The quicker you can have your customers read your website the better.

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