Top 7 Free Fonts for Start-ups in 2018

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An appropriate font has a great deal to offer. It plays a vital role in preserving your brand’s identity and building up your logo design’s integrity.

It is advisable to do a font research when brainstorming ideas for your logo before seeking a logo design service. A good font selection brings together the design more astutely. You can ignore the conventional fonts in particular with your business industry,Guest Posting but even if you go the fun or quirky way always make sure it comes together with the design in a subtle way.

The number of fonts available online may overwhelm a person while researching for their logo design. If you’ve already streamlined the rest of the design aspects, but still stuck in searching for appropriate fonts, you’ve come to the right people!

We will discuss top 7 trending fonts which are absolutely free to help you out before you seek a professional logo design service. There are as following:

  1. Al Fresco by Laura Worthington
    Classy but not very fashion specific, it centres more towards a sophisticated look. Designed by Laura Worthington, it comes in two script style typeface focusing on modern calligraphy. With an elegant flair it comes it promotes unconventional font style to satisfy your desire of timeless beauty!
  2. Hey Brother! By Dionis Dei
    Created to perfection by the graphic designer, Dionis Dei, “Hey Brother!” combines strong edgy look combined together with smoother curves. It has a modern, sci-fi look to it mixed together with sharp letters exhibiting a distressed vibe to any design inspiration. Featured and popularized by the famous Swedish DJ Avicii, it is the pure reflection of modern globalized culture!
  3. Smaq by Andreas Leonidou
    Ideal for posters and huge printing collaterals, Smaq is a decorative typeface designed by the genius, Andreas Leonidou. Eight different styles of this typeface have already been introduced, with an eye-catching bevelled look and feel. You can play around with this all-caps typeface with your heart’s content, using different font shadows and line shading.
  1. Wesley Gothic by Kutan Ural
    A modern all-caps typeface used for branding and sought by entrepreneurs looking for logo design service. This edgy font designed by Kutan Ural is suitable for huge signage collaterals like posters and billboards. Be it typography or any other design project, Wesley Gothic stands out from the crowd with its razor-sharp, edgy look.
  2. Neon by Aga Magdziak
    The cool-toned, molten font created by the talented Aga Magdziak is great for social media usage, or for logos designed for the IT sector. It is a perfect blend of many artistic elements with its prominent texture, successfully grabbing everyone’s attention. It is kept minimal and trendy, but not too over the top.
  3. Otto by Non-Format
    Designed by the prestigious and highly esteemed design team, Non-format, it gives off a universal style statement. Incorporated with the delicate typeface, the hints of block colors give off a very noteworthy impression. After all, Non-Format’s previous work has been greatly acknowledged by monster brands like Nike, Uniqlo, etc.!
  4. TJ Evolette-A by TypeMe
    A contemporary font style designed by the ingenious TypeMe, impressively complements fashion and lifestyle logo designs. With its streamlined look, it could be used for extravagant results with its innovative and stylistic sets.

All the fonts discussed in this blog are free of cost, and easily accessible. It is of an utmost importance to go for the right font for the branding of your startup. Fonts add great meaning and personality to a brand’s image out in the public. Here’s to hoping you make good use of the shared information before seeking a logo design service! Good luck!

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