Use Your Imagination, but Don’t Break the Fundamental Logo Design Principles

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There are no strict rules for a successful logo design, but you must follow the basic principles to design a memorable logo. Make sure that your logo can be used on various media platforms and it is easy to memorize. Highlight your brand USP through your logo and establish your brand in the market.

Logo is a graphic element that stands for the main features of a company,Guest Posting product or website. The main purpose of designing a logo is to create a separate place in the target consumers’ mind.

For instance, if you have a soft drink company, your logo design should make people say, “Hey, I have seen this symbol on a bottle of beverage and it tastes great.” Even if you sell various types of beverages and the potential customers have just tasted one flavor, they consider that all your soft drinks taste great. That is the power of a brand logo. It helps you sell anything.

Logo design is an art and there is no strict rule for custom logo design. The success of a logo depends on the creativity and efficiency of the designer. However, a brand logo must meet a certain standard and to do that successfully, you should follow some basic principles.

1.     Your Logo Should Be Flexible Enough to Use on a Variety of Media- In the past, logo was only used in print media, but nowadays, it is used on website and television as well. Make sure that your logo looks equally appealing in different media platforms. An ideal example of a flexible logo is the “Star Plus” logo. Whether you see it on television, web or newspaper, it looks absolutely stunning always.

2.     Your Logo Should Be Easy to Memorize- To design a memorable logo, focus on two factors- color and shape. Every color has a meaning and make sure that you choose the colors that match with your corporate identity. For example, if you sell organic food items, you can use green in your logo design to reflect your “nature friendly” image.

The shape of your logo should be simple and unique at the same time. You can use text and symbols both in your logo design, but make sure that they complement each other and create a cohesive design. For instance, “Dolby Digital” logo contains both text and symbol, but the shape of Dolby Digital logo is so unique that once you see it, it’s hard to forget it.

3.     When You Design Ask Yourself, Why, Who and What? - When you start designing a logo ask yourself, Why I need this logo? Who is the target audience? What is the purpose of my logo? Without getting a clear idea about the three aforementioned factors, you must not design a logo.

Your brand logo design should match with your business and your target audience’s taste. For instance, if you are in you software industry and design a Disney style logo, it will confuse your target clients and they will underestimate your company.

4.     Your Logo Should Be Timeless- A truly great brand logo stands against time and helps you carry forward your corporate legacy for decades. Nobody can give you any particular tips to design a timeless logo, but as a designer, you should always try to design a classic logo for your company. Take a look at the Coca Cola or ABC logo and you will realize what I mean.

5.     Your Logo Should Look Equally Attractive in Monotone Format- Design a simple logo so that it can retain its visual appeal in black and white format. At first you should design the logo in black and white and then add colors to it. This way you can be certain about your logo’s aesthetic appeal.

6.     Your Logo Should be Seductive, Impressive and Original- A brand logo must tell the viewers why that company is better than others. It should project the USP of your brand and encourage people to choose your products and services. For instance, if you see “Harmony Veterinary Clinic” logo, you will immediately understand the USP of their business.

Most importantly, your logo design should be simple enough, so that people from different age group can understand its meaning. For instance, the WWF logo is simple, appealing and meaningful. Whether a 10 year old kid sees it or a 50 year old animal activist, both of them can relate to it.

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