What Is Liferay Integration With Alfresco Web Content Management

Sep 30


Mike Greaves

Mike Greaves

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Liferay Integration with Alfresco issue is gaining rapid popularity amongst concerned users due to its prospected services.

Life ray and alfresco collusion will be pivotal in providing unmatched services to web page designing stream; as matured services offered by both of them are excellent, What Is Liferay Integration With Alfresco Web Content Management Articles designers and engineers are looking forward to their collision. If it happens, life ray integration with alfresco will open more opportunities. User, though seem perplexed with more opportunities portal will be offering. With, what may be called a keen study of the expected users who will be using these portal services; it has appeared that confidence when it comes to integrate two services declines.Majorly over two issues: firstly; when they look for their options and ways to integrate two products and secondly which when they decide over best approach they should takeTo make user feel more confident about his approaches, it is important to clear the very basic and conceptual work frame of Web content management of Alfresco integration. Earlier the problem of plenty was the main issues, people had lots of data piling up, and they were unable to manage it. This problem was called "capture, organize and share" problem.Alfresco deals with the problem of "capture, organize and share" as some sectors like: IT companies still face this problem, due to lengthy data. Voluminous data of It companies have requirements of security and metadata. But because these companies are not adept to evaluate how vast web management is; one size fits to all which is their approach to it, is turning out as a failure. Alfresco; hence; thinks it better to make an unregulated random laden.Alfresco is an open source and standard platform for building content centric applications. Alfresco integration is a great choice as a basis of web content. There are varieties of protocol that avails entry and free flow of content in and out of the repository. Alfresco offers assistance in terms of operating system, database, application server, and integration with other databases.Liferay integration with alfresco on the other hand gives an open source enterprise portal using java and web 2.0 technologies. It integrates data from worldwide and works as an access point; presenting information from diversified sources in a unified way.So, it can be encapsulated that, http://www.algoworks.com/liferay-portal-solutions.html Liferay integration with alfresco provides an opportunity to take care of user communities; such that user look at alfresco as CMS. Needless to say that freedom of open source gives users a lot of control over technology they use.With through knowledge of web content management tool and portal, it would become easy to evaluate the best option and approach.