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Enquiry Management Software [EQMS] is nothing but a software solution which keeps track of the enquiries or leads by overcoming the complications which many businesses confront.

The main reason why most of the companies face roadblocks is due to the enquiry registration which gets missed out or not responded. This happens because of the lack of a good enquiry management system. This software works in a similar manner to that of a Lead Management System,Guest Posting but with a few betterments. A lot of research and analysis has gone into the development of Enquiry Management Software in order to provide a resounding solution and ensure the business of the clients runs smoothly, with good returns.                 

All the procedures and rules which have to be considered have been taken into consideration to avoid losing out on any business. Some of the key features associated with this software, are as follows. It captures a complete overhaul of the enquiry details which includes contact information, source of enquiry and demographic factors. In addition, this software provides you with the complete trail of follow-ups done, which would also include documents shared with the customers/prospects. It has the ability to respond quickly by means of the timely follow-up with the customers.

The Enquiry Management Software [EQMS] is also brilliant in team management. It works wonders in this respect by allowing oneself to be updated with the enquiries and follow-ups of your team members. As a supplement, the software enables one to plan and measure their team’s performance. Mail and SMS shall also be sent through the software, to improve communication with your customers and also keep them informed about the available offers. It can also enable easy access to documents exchanged. It’s geographic access enables you to manage channel sales and allows you to manage your data, even while you are on the move.

In-depth reporting capability of the Enquiry Management Software (EQMS) allows you to assess the enquiries which are generated for product, region, etc. In conjunction, one can also carry out a thorough analysis of sales trend, employee performance and so on. One shall also easily migrate their own existing data into EQMS, through EXCEL. As enquiry management software supports predefined excel formats, the time taken for migration is shortened. One of the key advantages of this software is that, it is user friendly. This is because of the fact that, the software is developed with immense research and analysis to find out the best solution they have given requirements. This fact makes sure that the clients who are using this software feel at ease while using it.

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