Bad Diets: How to Bolster Your Desire of Shedding Pounds

Apr 26




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Bad diets may result to obesity. Weight lose is what people desire especially if they weigh more pounds than they ought to. This can only be achieved when one knows specific goals and why he wants them.

A resolution to stop bad diets in order to lose weight is what many people make every New Year. By the way,Bad Diets: How to Bolster Your Desire of Shedding Pounds Articles what do you do when you embark on every New Year? Chances are you make the resolution to lose weight.  It is a very popular resolution to make.

Unfortunately, it is also one of the most popular resolutions to be broken. This is because of bad diets that people do have. There are many health diets consultants out there that say they can help you reach your weight loss goal.

Unfortunately many people who are obese have got bad diets and in order for them to lose weight they have to do something about it. Let me ask you: What do you do to bolster your desire to shed pounds? First, you figure out exactly why you want to lose weight. Maybe you want to feel better, look better, move easily etc.

All of these are good reasons, but of course, health takes a front seat in this through avoiding bad diets. Then, figure out how much you need to lose in order to reach your goal. Do you need to lose 5 pounds, 10, 20? If you've got a lot to lose, instead of focusing on the end number, set a first goal of five or 10 pounds.

Once you reach that goal, do something to celebrate, such as buying yourself new pieces of clothing that fits better than your old ones. For every 10 to 15 pounds you lose, it is likely that you're going to plateau in weight loss after that. This is because your body reaches a point where it needs to readjust.

Therefore, plan to spend a couple of weeks on such a plateau after every 10 to 15 pound weight loss. If you know this is coming, you won't get discouraged. In addition, you can take small breaks (but make sure they are small breaks) whereby you allow yourself to splurge by having a dessert once a week or something small and planned that's going to keep you from feeling deprived.

This, too, will help keep you on track. Finally, have a plan as to how you're going to maintain once you reach your goal. Don’t simply go back eating your old bad diets because the weight will come right back.

Figure out what you are going to do for exercise. Pick an exercise plan that you can rotate, so that you'll never get bored. For example, maybe you've always wanted to learn salsa dance, or belly dance, or ice skate. Take this opportunity to incorporate these activities into your daily exercise workout, and you'll never be bored.

Finally, make sure you check with your doctor if you're developing your own weight-loss plan to make sure that what you're doing is safe. Your doctor will know what's right for you based on your physical fitness, current health status, good diets and bad diets and so on, so that you won't damage your health unwittingly.