Ephedrine and diet

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Sometimes Ephedrine is used to treat low blood pressure and chronic asthma but is most commonly found in diet pills.

Ephedrine is a natural stimulant that is a key ingredient in many of the top diet pills on the market today and is known to mainly affect the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the human body. Ephedrine causes the blood vessels to constrict and enhances certain actions of the heart.

It isn't a surprise that many companies will tell you just about anything to get you to buy their product. You should keep in mind that no weight loss supplement can be approved or disapproved by the FDA so make a wise decision when taking dietary supplements that include stimulants. Some diet products containing ephedrine have been known to claim that this ingredient speeds up your heart,Guest Posting similar to the way that exercising does. Seems tempting, a workout in a bottle. When using their product you will experience a great decrease in fat and an increase in lean muscle tone. You will get the maximum results if you use the product prior to exercising and eat a completely balanced meal. In fact there were studies performed that concluded that lean muscle mass is preserved better with ephedrine containing formulas during a weight loss eating and exercising plan. Some physical sports competitions and events don't allow ephedrine because they feel it is a performance enhancing drug. There was a study performed that included 180 patients who were between the ages of twenty to sixty-five years old. For the study the scientists and researchers divided the patients up into four different groups: ephedrine and caffeine, ephedrine only, caffeine only, and placebo. They were trying to compare the different effects the three supplements had on the human body. Each patient was given their specific supplement dosages three times a day, one hour prior to eating. The researchers' main goal was to determine which supplements were the most effective for weight loss and how healthy each type was. They were physically examined every week during the 24 week long process. Every week they would have their hip and waist circumference, weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate, as well as their side effects. Results found that 141 patients completed the entire study process. Out of those 141 the group with the highest weight loss was the group who took caffeine and ephedrine together. The researchers also found that blood pressure decreased in all of the groups who participated in the study. There were minor side effects noted but were generally gone by the end of the research process. Side effects for the placebo included many things such as dry mouth, constipation, and the jitters.

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