New Years Resolutions: Sand Castles on the Beach

Dec 21


Colin Dunbar

Colin Dunbar

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Now what's this guy on about? New years resolutions and sand castleson the beach?


Now what's this guy on about?  New years resolutions and sand castleson the beach?

Bear with me.

It's approaching that time of the year... when we decide we're not happywith where we are in life,New Years Resolutions: Sand Castles on the Beach Articles or we're all fired up to be the next great[insert whatever you like here], or we want to break a bad habit. And nowwe begin to make our new years resolutions.

Ok... can I ask you a question?

How many of your new years resolutions, from last year, have you achieved?

I think I know the answer.

Some years ago I did a little experiment to prove that new years resolutionswere really like building sand castles on the beach.  Early in the year Icasually chatted to family members and friends, and made sure the conversationcame around to new years resolutions. I made a point of getting the resolutionsthat were set for the year.  There was lose weight, stop smoking, make megabucks in business, yada, yada.

As soon as I had the chance, I jotted down the person's name and their newyears resolution.  I kept these notes handy.

Around April or May I made a point of chatting to the same people whose newyears resolutions I had.  Naturally the subject of resolutions came up, and...

I asked how things were going with the new years resolutions.

Honest to goodness, I don't recall any one person who was still on track withtheir resolutions!

Interestingly, a few years ago I heard something intriguingly on the radio. Amathematical psychologist had determined, with a mathematical formula that 18 May was the "best day to set resolutions for the year".  Wouldn't you like to seethat formula? I sure would.

If setting a new years resolution is like building a sand castle on the beach,does that mean we should not plan for something better in life?

No, no, no!

Set real goals.  Goals that you work towards and achieve!

Here are 3 tips to set real goals...

* Identify your goal clearly. When doing so, think of the reasons you want to achieve this goal. This becomes a powerful motivator to keep you ontrack to success.

* Think of possible obstacles you may encounter on your goal path. And by thinking of the possible obstacles up front, it can give you ideas for solutions - that way you will be better equipped should you encounter the obstacles.

* Take action. No matter how small the step, take it.  Take the first step, andmove forward.  You will succeed!

There's no reason you cannot set your goals at the start of the year, but pleasedon't let your goals be like sand castles on the beach.

So, why do I say new years resolutions are like building sand castles on the beach?  No matter how grand the sand castle is, we know the tide is going to come in and wash our castle away.  And isn't that what we do with new years resolutions?  We know very well we won't stick to it, yet we do it every year.

If you set new years resolutions as a fun thing, no problem.  If you really wantsomething better out of life, reconsider setting resolutions - think rather ofsetting real goals.

Have a great year!