Why You Should Live in Buckhead

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Reasons living in Buckhead rocks.

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Buckhead, easily the most written-about and sought-after neighborhood of Atlanta, is a piece of the city that will never go out of style.  With a consistent ranking in Forbes’ top ten wealthiest zip codes and a nickname like “The Beverly Hills of the South,” you might think that Buckhead is just for men who wear five-piece suits and women who carries their dogs in their purses; however, it has a common appeal and allure that you just can’t mistake.  Buckhead is filled with affordable clothing and home furnishing stores and boutiques.  It also feels like there is a new antique store popping up every day.  There are tons of places to shop outside of Lenox Square that it will make your head spin.  I love perusing the West Village in Buckhead looking for treasures in every window I pass.  And the best thing about this?  Many of these stores are locally owned and operated.  With such a downturn in our economy, it is important that you consider where to spend your money.  Sure, you could go on over to the BCBG Max Azria in Lenox Square, or you could head down to Range, an awesome clothing boutique on East Andrews Dr.

            Buckhead is also home to great local eateries.  You can grab a beer at Churchill’s, get a bowl of delicious organic soup at Souper Jenny or have the quintessential Buckhead experience at Buckhead Diner.  The nightlife in Buckhead is great as well, with classy joints like Beluga and Sambuca Jazz Café, and now that the liquor license law has changed, the bars close at 2:30am instead of 4am.  While this might sound like a drag to some, it’s nice for the residents to be able to get a little shut-eye whenever they please. 

So far, you may be thinking, ‘I should visit here,’ but that simply won’t do.  Have I mentioned that Buckhead is the epitome of accessibility?  MARTA has three stations there: Lindbergh Center, Lenox Square parking lot and at Peachtree and 400, which makes your commute just that much easier.

And, as if you needed this deal to be any sweeter, Justin Bieber lives there.  What was that sound?  Oh, it was the sound of your heart skipping a beat.  If you’re looking to relocate to the Atlanta area, check out Atlanta’s free apartment locating service, PROMOVE.  Their dedicated team will help you find the perfect Buckhead apartment that will fit your budget and meet all of your needs.



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