The Four Keys to Finding a Superior Lab Coat

Dec 21


Kimberly Green

Kimberly Green

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If you wear a lab coat at any time during your work day you notice that there are certain factors that go into making it a quality coat. Fabric, fit, function and style all goes into making a coat that you’ll enjoy wearing throughout the day.


While most people might believe that a lab coat is just a lab coat,The Four Keys to Finding a Superior Lab Coat Articles anyone who wears one for at least part of their workday can tell you that there are four main characteristic which determine a superior men’s lab coat from one’s that merely make the passing grade. Fabric, fit, function and style all must be paramount in its design for it to be considered superior coat.

When it comes to what makes up your coat, 100% high denier cotton is the Rolls-Royce of lab coat fabric. High denier cotton makes the coat more comfortable to wear, makes it more durable, and with the correct thickness it doesn’t allow the shirt underneath to show through the coat. In addition, cotton lab coats don’t pill and turn the unpleasant shade of yellowish-gray like most cotton/ploy blends do. Ultimately, 100% cotton lab coats are more durable, more comfortable and look better longer than the other, cheaper fabrics.

Unfortunately, most lab coats are not designed for comfort. Most lab coats are cut like boxes or doll clothing, which leads to an uncomfortable fit for most men and women. These uncomfortable lab coats can also lead to fatigue of the neck as pockets filled with stethoscopes, prescription pads and other medical necessities continuously pull on the neck. A properly fitted men’s or women’s lab coat disperses the weight of the garment and its contents over the entire shoulder’s and not just the back of the neck making the lab coat more comfortable.

Function is an important aspect of any work coat, but for a lab coat it is paramount. In a lab coat utility equals function. Superior lab coats should have four or more pockets, as well as feature a soil and stain treatment and should give the wearer a full range of motion without compromising coverage. Lab coat pockets should be large enough to hold all the necessities depending on the medical environment. Soil and stain protection is a must to repel organic fluids and release ground in strains like ring around the collar. And, most importantly, the lab coat should allow a full range of motion without compromising protection.

When it comes to the style of a lab coat remember: lab coats are not simply a utilitarian item. It is one of many first impressions health care providers make to their patients. Superior quality men’s lab coats are designed more like fine men’s clothing rather than the homogeneous square lab coat. Stylish lab coats present a professional image in today’s healthcare environment. It is important to look for all four of these components when shopping for superior quality men’s lab coats. If you skimp on even one of the components both you, and your patients, will realize it almost immediately.

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