We Salute You, Apartment Renter

Sep 21


Abby Evans

Abby Evans

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Today we salute you, apartment renter.  Many times, homeowners will give you the stink-eye and a long speech about the massive opportunity to own a house: how renting is “throwing away money” when you could be building equity.  Actually, the New York Times (ever heard of ‘em?) developed a rent-or-buy calculator, and in Atlanta, both are actually the same for about five years.  If the home’s value does not depreciate and rent is not raised significantly, costs between renting and owning break even until the sixth year, when savings accumulate in owning a home. At the six-year mark, you will be saving about $745 a year, or about $62 a month.  Even though this is something, it is still not earth shattering.  And it also depends on what you are ready for financially and emotionally.

            Now that the pressure and guilt has come off of your shoulders, you can smile as your newlywed friends look at you with pity.  You can smirk when your mother tells you that it is time to settle down.  The fact is that you are like that old Lynyrd Skynyrd song, “Freebird.”  A mortgage, lawn work and HOA fees do not tie you down.  And though you may be ready for that some day, it may not be too bad of an idea to rent right now, especially while you’re still waiting to see if your new social media beta/pottery classes/band pans out.  Smile inside, renter.  The world will soon be yours. 

            Now that we have proven renting is awesome, you can get to looking for your new apartment.  If you’re looking to move or relocate to the Atlanta area, then let PROMOVE help you find the perfect place.  PROMOVE is a free apartment locating service in Atlanta that can help you find a place that meets all of your needs without hurting your budget. 

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