The Secrets of Being Happy

Nov 12


Talina Tang

Talina Tang

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This article offers some secrets of being happy for the readers.


A British newspaper named The Sun has once held a rewarding questionnaire,The Secrets of Being Happy Articles the subject of which is to find out what kind of people are the happiest in the world. The purpose lying behind this activity is to help people get the secrets of happiness.

After several days, the newspaper receives a lot of letters from their readers. Everyone expresses their ideas on the topic of happiness. Among these various opinions, the editors choose the four kinds of happiest persons as listed below.

1. The artist is considered as happy when he has just completed one of his works, with the satisfaction and appreciative look on his face.

2. The children are happy when they are building their castles with sand.

3. The mother is happy when she is bathing her baby.

4. The surgeon is happy when he has saved his patient's life after great efforts.

Dear friends, what secrets have you got from these answers?

To get the true meaning of being happy, we should have something to do. Everyone is created to this world to have his own responsibility. To be occupied with the job we are interested in is one thing that can make us feel satisfied.

Human beings are social animals and we are eager for the respect and good opinion from the outside. We are eager to realize our value of being a member of the society. How to achieve this? One of the most effective ways is to make contribution to the development of the society by working hard in your own position.

To get the true meaning of being happy, we should fill our mind with imagination. We all treasure the time when we are in our childhood. It is because that when we are children, we are wondering about everything we encounter and are curious about the surroundings around us.

However, as time passes by and we are getting older and older, we are exhausted by these pressures and difficulties which come from our job or the matters we have to deal with every day. Then we lose the passion for the new and the eagerness to build the dream place we ever had. It is without your consciousness, but it is the truth that we are getting further and further from the simplest happiness in our life.

So, it is high time we take actions to change the situation. Be hopeful when you feel the life is hard and dark. Tomorrow is a new start and the sun will arise in the next new day.

When you are complaining that the life is boring and colorless, why not just having a visit to the nature and building your dream castle along the beach? Or it is a good choice to listen to the classical music with your Bluetooth stereo headset in a quiet place, which can remind you of the happy days in the past. Yes, we should sometimes get back to the state where we are still children.To get the true meaning of happiness, we should have the ability to love someone.   This kind of love can be the greatest in the world, for you do not expect to have the rewards back. It is just a part of your life and you can in return feel the happiness in giving out your love.

To get the true meaning of happiness, we should try our best to help others out of their difficult situations. Then you will have the happiness inside for you are needed by this world.

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