The ability to choose

Jul 11


Stacey T Pollock

Stacey T Pollock

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Everyone has the ability to make decisions and choices in life, no matter the obstacles.


We all live in this limited world bound by so many rules and regulations.  Often feeling as if we have no real choice on a lot of the things we would like to experience in life.  There seems to be always something holding us back from our dreams and our desires.  What is this component that makes us feel so confined?  Is it the rules of life that we as people have chosen to conform to?  Or is it just a perception that we all have within the constructs of our mind?  One thing is for sure we all have the ability to make choices even when we feel so restricted.  Even in the most restricting of situations we can makes choices that will inevitably decide our fate. 


What is the defining factor of this choice that we all have the ability to utilize?  To begin looking at choice it is first important to remember where most of our conceptualization of life comes from. We are all born into the world through the guidance of our parents in our former years,The ability to choose Articles or another person to whom delivers rules to life that are given to us for self protection.  We all at some stage participate in school or if not are taught by elders in the ways of living life in accordance to the structure of the society that we live in.  The further we get on in life our responsibilities begin to create more and more rules in order to conform to, and by middle age we are bound by our own rules and expectations. 


To realise that life’s rules are created by our upbringing and our connection to society, is the first stepping stone to understanding choice.  Choice that is now in our mind is based on how we have decided to, over the years, be seen within the group and the society that we belong.  It would almost be crazy to emphasis the point that all these things were chosen by the individual alone.  However this foundational fact is the truth and although many people would not enjoy admitting it, they always had the power to choose for themselves the path that they have decided to pursue.


Limitation in our world is only based on the physical constraints that we ourselves create or are presented to us from birth.  These limitations are based on the body alone and the physical environment to which we live in.  The matter environment is limited and although at times we would like to be able to fly and float in the sky with our bodies alone, some things just are not possible at this stage in our evolution, without means of physical vehicles.  This is a set fact that the physical environment is limiting in the possibilities that are bound up in the world that it is connected to.


However choice comes from a different place.  Choice comes from the mind, a place that has unlimited possibility, and can dream all concepts up in a moments thought.  It is the thoughts that we have that are choice based, and it is from these thoughts that our decisions for life are made.  When we come to a point in our lives where a choice needs to be made, it is within our minds that we deliver the verdict, where we weight up the negative and positive attributes to our decisions.


The mind has no barriers; we can think what we like without even people knowing.  We can dream we are flying without the constraints of the physical matter world.  In the mind anything is possible, even to play out the desires that we want through the playing of movies that we can participate in as the main character.  This kind of dreaming is natural and comes to us as a child.  We play in the grounds at school or in the cubby house with our friends and makes up stories of adventures where we can be what we want and achieve all the goals that we desire.


It is not until further on in our life that we realise how much limitation is confining us, when we leave school and participate in the real world of survival.  We have to make a living in order to make enough money to eat and have a roof over our head, to bring up families and possibly to run business and the like.  This all takes up so much of our time, with us often questioning the value of the experience and choices that we made.  We feel always a restriction knowing that in order to change our lives these choices have consequences and that our value of life was already blown away in the wind.  Value for life takes risks and most importantly a decision by the individual to make choices that brings things to their life to what they wish or desire.


We are often so bound up in our world to realise that these choices are still within our grasp.  That choice was something we were born with and still have the ability to deliver.  As long as we have a mind in which to think we have choice in this world.  Choice to get up in the morning, brush our teeth, go to school, go to work or to even live or die.  It is the foundation of our life and without choice nothing would have a foundation of existence.  Without choice, life would not exist.  Life is here because of the values we originally created for ourselves, choices made from long ago. 


Choice comes from inside us and no matter the circumstances in our lives we have the power to go one way or the other at any time that we decide.  No matter the consequences, the power to choose can never be taken from us, even when we are bound and gagged we have the choice to move and break free, or to just lie there without bothering to care.  No one can take this power away from us, no matter how much we believe in manipulation and mind control.  Each and every one of us has our own unique and personal mind in which to think and reason, no matter what gets drummed into our heads, we are still the decider of our own fate.  We choose in the end how we will participate in our experiences.


These experiences are also not limiting in the fact that our choice is what brought us to this point in our life.  If we walk down a street and find a dead end, it is because of our original choice to walk that path that we have to come to that point.  Our original choices bring us to the limitation of the physical that we have now.  The choices we make in the future will bring us new experiences and pathways that will lead us in a new direction, no matter which way it follows. 


All these choices are based within our minds perception.  We have the ability to choose without the influences of others.  We do not have their thoughts within our head; their words are only delivered in the physical.  The thoughts we have inside our head are our own, each thought deciding on our fate, balancing up our goals and desires.  Choice is free, it comes from the mind, it can never be bound, and it can never fly away.  It is free and individual, unique and real, it can transform the physical world, and lead to desires and dreams, everything that we wish to fulfil.


By Stacey T Pollock