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Like Avon or Mary Kay, Mark Cosmetics are sold by independent sales representatives who cover a particular area and sell to friends, family and members of their community.

Mark Cosmetics is a line of beauty products owned and operated by Avon but aimed at young women and teenagers. The products are formulated for younger skins,Guest Posting the colors are targeted toward a younger demographic and the prices are somewhat lower. For a clear review of Mark's products, including a review of the company itself, keep reading.


The low price is a major selling point for Mark Cosmetics products. Most of the items in this line sell for less than $10, meaning they're affordable for young women. In short, ten out of ten likely buy for price.

How Easy is it to Use?

Most Mark products are fairly standard - foundation, eye liner, lip gloss, mascara, skin care brands and some fragrances. While the company hasn't been super innovative, most customers will find all their products fairly straightforward and easy to use.

Makeup Quality

Mark products may be priced low, but their quality is pretty good and comparable to a low-to-mid range department store cosmetics. Because Avon doesn't pay for retail locations or public advertising, they're often able to price their products lower than most retail brands.

In particular, their line of skin care products (which are non-comedogenic, fragrance free and oil free) are a great value. The cleanser, toner and moisturizers are all priced under $10, but they've each been featured in Glamour, Seventeen and YM as great buys and desirable products.

The Best and Worst

Other than their skin care products, probably the best finds at Mark are their lip glosses - not too sticky, not too messy, and definitely long-lasting. They go on smooth, have just the right hint of color, and they don't feel heavy or overdone. Overall, they're a fantastic buy at $6.

The company's biggest miss? Probably the liquid foundation. Despite the fact that most teenagers have beautiful skin that just doesn't need a heavy liquid foundation, the product is weighted and goes on thick, leaving a caked finish. For something lighter, opt for their tinted moisturizer instead.

The Company Itself

Mark is sold by independent sales representatives, much like Avon or Mary Kay. That can be a big turn-off for many customers who don't like the pressure of a one-on-one sales experience or the potential pressure of a sales rep hitting on family and friends to sell the product themselves. To avoid this problem, try buying through the website or a trusted friend who is low pressure and doesn't drool when approached by a "prospect."

The Final Word

In short, Mark Cosmetics are a great buy for their price point, but the sales model can be a big drawback for customers who are either not looking for a personal sales experience or want to be able to simply walk into a store to purchase their product rather than waiting for mail-order.

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