Every Woman Must Have a Pair of Flats

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Flats are worn by many women. Some women where nothing but flats, while others wear nothing but heels. Some women have made this decision based on their height. However, the majority of women have at least one pair of flats in their closet.

Flat shoes can be as trendy as any high heel. In addition,Guest Posting most all podiatrists agree that flats are better for your feet than any high heels could ever be. High heels positions a women’s foot in an unnatural stance and can restrict correct blood flow to your legs, ankles and feet. In addition, chances of injury are ten times more likely in a high heeled shoe than in flat counterparts. 

Therefore, give your feet a rest every so often. You can have a high flair for fashion without high heels.

Because flats are found to be less dramatic than high heels, search for flat shoes that are luscious colors and luxury material such as suede and leather. Textures also play a part in dramatizing these shoes.

You can find these shoes with all sorts of accessories such as buckles, snaps, bows or gemstones. All of these can draw admiration to a pair of flats and make an outfit complete without adding high heels. Try not to add too much decoration to an individual shoe. Remember, you want to enhance the beauty of the shoe, not take away from it.

It is possible to add a very feminine look to flats that you may find with high heels. Purchase some femininity in frilly blouses or flared sleeves. A very feminine blouse or skirt with a pair of flats can make your overall outfitladylike. Some shoes have womanly straps across your open toes or closed toes with an open back and a strap around your heel or ankles. There is more versatility with flats than with high heels.

If you want to keep the lengthy lookinglegs that come with wearing high heels, you can. Flats worn with a hemline for a skirt or dress that is above the knee can still have the look of length.

Capri pants look ideal with flats. Wearing longer pants can also be done with flats. Make sure the pants do not drag the floor or cover the entire shoe. This appears sloppy and takes away from your outfit as well as your shoe.

If you happen to be extremely slender you can wear skinny jeans with these shoes and have the appearance that you desire. The same for if you would like to wear a pair of ultra-tight pants or slacks. Otherwise, you will appear dowdy and definitely not fashionable. Contemplate wearing wide legged slacks with shoes that are pointy toe for stylish looks.

Flats are wonderful shoes and they can be just as attractive as heels. You can feminize them just as much as high heels and make any outfit simply more attractive.

If you prefer flats to heels they can work for you as heels work for others.

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