Interesting Louis Vuitton Tutti Sweety Fashion Jewelry Collection

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I am just wondering does anybody still remember my review on the Inclusion bracelet collection named “Is That the Candy You Lost”. I do. I always remember how merry and happy I am to see the colorful inclusion bracelets at the first sight. This season Louis Vuitton has brought us another gorgeous fashion jewelry collection—the Tutti Sweety Set.

There are three pieces in this collection,Guest Posting a bracelet, a pendant and a pair of earrings. They are truly sweet. The Tutti Sweety Collection gets the inspiration from the childhood candies. The deliciously elasticized bracelet and the playful pendant feature various sorts of Louis Vuitton charms, while the funny mismatched earrings are signed with swinging LV initials. The jewelry piece is a combination of golden brass, colored resin and colored lacquer as well. It especially highlights the crystallized Swarovski elements. As a whole set or by single piece, it would serve as a perfect treat for you or for someone else.

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