Poor Quality Embryos and Infertility Treatment

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When a couple opts for IVF as the treatment for female infertility, a number of parameters have to be studied.

Amongst these is embryo quality,Guest Posting which has a direct bearing on the success rate of the treatment. The quality of an embryo is based on its ability to implant itself in the uterine lining. It also includes the embryo’s capacity to stay there till the end of pregnancy. When the quality of embryos is poor, pregnancy is practically impossible. In such situations, the IVF treatment would fail to give positive outcome.

The patients need to be aware about this aspect of IVF. The reason is that they might be misled into believing that the cause of IVF failure is poor egg quality, when it may not be so. A trusted IVF centre in Delhi, Gaudium IVF makes sure that the embryo quality is thoroughly evaluated during the treatment. This enables the patient to have proper measures taken to resolve the issue so that chances of IVF success are maximized.

What could cause poor embryo quality?

The quality of an embryo is considered below par if it fails to implant in the uterus. This happens because the cell division in the embryo is too slow or it has many fragments. Lab pictures taken during embryo culture can be used to know the exact reason. Once it becomes known, the subsequent IVF attempt could be planned accordingly to ensure its success. Here are the possible reasons that cause havoc on embryo quality during IVF:

Egg and Sperm Quality

The eggs and the sperms are the building blocks of embryos. If there are any quality issues w3ith one or both of these, it is imperative that the embryo quality would suffer. Generally, embryo quality is compromised due to poor egg quality. Most of the times, women with advanced maternal age have poor ovarian reserves. In such women, the number as well as quality of eggs may have significantly declined. Consequently, the quality of embryos in negatively impacted too. Though the condition is less common, poor egg quality could be attributed to chromosomal defects in the sperms too.

Laboratory conditions

While the poor quality of eggs and/or sperms may be responsible for low embryo quality, this is not always the cause. The reason could be more of a human error rather than a natural phenomenon. Improper technique used by the IVF center could be the culprit while the technicians may not be good enough. Since IVF treatment is an extremely delicate procedure, the margin of error is very, very small. Even the tiniest of blunder at any stage of IVF can cause the embryo quality to decline.

It is easy for the infertility specialist to blame the embryo quality for the failure of an IVF cycle. But an informed patient can demand a established proof for the same, rather than relying blindly on the doctor’s word. So it is very important to be aware.

Dealing with poor quality embryos

Failure of an IVF cycle is a shocking experience in itself. But being told that it happened due to poor embryo could be shattering. But the patient needs to understand that this is not the end of the world. The problem can be resolved if she seeks treatment from a dependable infertility clinic in Delhi. The patient might even need to switch the clinics to get the subsequent IVF cycle done by someone he can trust.

When the clinics are to be changed, the patient should get all her medical records from the previous one. The record would be useful for the specialist to get some idea about the failure of previous cycle. The doctor chooses the exact line of treatment accordingly. The expertise and skill of the clinic can improve the chances of IVF success. On the other hand, egg donation is the option for those where poor egg quality is the culprit.

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