4 Best Tools to Generate Unique Blog Ideas

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Generating new blog topic ideas each time you write content can be a daunting task. This piece of the article discusses the 4 best topic generating tools that you can use to get unique blog topic ideas. 

What if I ask you what is the most difficult part about writing a blog content? It is probably coming up with a unique blog topic idea each time for your blog post. It is the biggest struggle for any writer and it can be extremely exhausting sometimes.

But here is some good news for you! Here we have enlisted the 4 best tools to generate unique blog ideas for your blog content. Read them out and use any of these while creating your blog post next time and let us know which content tool you liked the most out of these.



With Ubbersuggest,Guest Posting you can generate hundreds of keyword ideas at a time. This tool is easy to use. Here you can get a comprehensive list of every keyword combination possible. Enter a keyword or the topic phrase in your mind and this tool will provide you with dozens of topics.

One of the coolest features of this tool is “Expand this Keyword”, which lets you see a detailed list of topics from a particular keyword. With amazing features like this, UberSuggest ensures that you never run out of content ideas.


Google Trends

Google Trends is mainly used for performing extensive marketing research. The market data that you gather from Google Trends can improve your content strategy and can inspire you to create a unique and trending topic for your blog. This tool helps you determine interest in a particular topic. It lets you browse through “related topics” to know what’s popular.

It can also help in identifying other influential resources, giving you additional ideas for a blog topic. With the related queries, you can also see what your prospects are searching for. Moreover, this tool gives you insight into what is popular. Marketers and content creators also use Google Trends to know whether a topic is trending or not.



Buzzsumo is one of the best tools to improve your content marketing strategy. This tool is a multitasker as it does much more than suggesting topics. With this tool, you can know about the other factors that can affect a blog topic. It lets you filer via content type, language, country, and word count. Buzzsumo tells you about the social engagements and the number of shares content gets. 

With this tool, you can also identify key sharers. On top of it, it displays backlinks and top trending content. In other words, you probably cannot find a better tool than this to know how well content is performing and what your readers like. With these pieces of information at your disposal, you can easily generate a creative blog topic for your content.



Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator is one of the most popular and widely used content topic generator tools in the online market. For a given set of 3 keywords, you can have 5 creative blog topic ideas at your fingertips with the help of this tool.

It is a great tool to kick start your writing ventures. You can be more specific while choosing 3 keywords or phrases to write in the given box section to get some exact content. This tool is recommended by some leading content marketers for a reason, which you will know once you use it.


So, these are the best topic generating tools. Well, it was all about getting ideas for your blog content topic. However, if you are facing any problem while creating engaging content that can help you reach your marketing goal, then you can outsource content writing services.

Choose the best content writing agency that can fulfil your content requirements within the given frame of time, without compromising on quality.




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