8 Must Have Elements of a Good Article

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Thousands upon thousands of articles are being viewed on the Internet daily but it is very safe to say that only a fraction...

Thousands upon thousands of articles are being viewed on the Internet daily but it is very safe to say that only a fraction of it is read from start to finish. This calls for an alarm to those writers who give all their best in writing good article.

The following are elements that should be injected if you want your article to be worth reading:

Good Title - A good title means more readers. This is the most important part of the article if you want it to be attractive to the readers. To choose a title,Guest Posting identify first your purpose why you will write the article. Title would also become the basis of your whole article so you have to be careful of choosing what to use. Write down several suggested titles so that you can give yourself more choices. From this point you can create a good content.

Short introduction - Have you watched a play or movie or listened to a song with introductions you never know when to end? On an article where readers are after the content, introduction should be kept in to a minimum. A good 3-4-sentence-introduction that tells the readers the summary of the article or a prelude of what to expect is enough. In this way, you can keep your readers interested on the whole article.

Content - After the title, you should focus on the content. A good content will keep the reader hooked thus continuity is essential. Asking questions after the paragraph would keep the readers interested on the succeeding content. Make sure you provide a set of this and you are ready to go.

Error free - Articles are written to educate or to inform. As much as possible it should not be subject to criticism from the readers. Although this cannot be avoided, criticism should not focus on the grammar, spelling, and punctuations. A good article should error free. It would not only give the readers ease while reading, it also improves the credibility of the whole article and the message it aims to convey.

Format - In as much as readers would want to get informed, they also would like to get it easily that is why article format is one of the essential elements of a good article. Make sure your article can be read easily by creating several areas for the readers to take short breaks. A lengthy paragraph would not invite readers. Keep it short. The more paragraph breaks the article has, the more inviting it would become. Bullet and numbers are also highly recommended especially if you are writing how-to articles.

Terminologies - Avoid using superfluous words that are hard to understand. Flaunting words are no-no. Keep your terms simple. Your aim is for your article to be read by as many people as possible so you have to use terms that could be understood by all. Target the general reader and the terms will all come easy for you.

Conclusion - Your article is about to end and you don't have a good way to end it, what should you do? Write a short conclusion that will summarize all the inputs you have inserted on your article. Keep it short and direct to the point.

Editing - After you wrote your articles. Take time to edit and re-edit. This will give you the chance to make revisions or inject some more thoughts to the article.

With these elements laid down, it should be easy for you to write your article that is relevant and readable from start to finish.

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