5 Great Tips to Make Your Article Hot & Have People Clamoring to Read It!

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Writing articles can be difficult. However, with these simple steps, you can write a great article with ease!

            It’s no secret that writing an article may be a daunting task for many,Guest Posting and so many of us have little time for reading, especially if what you are writing or reading is bland and uneventful. Don’t let this happen to you and your articles. With some simple tips, your articles can be so hot others will be itching to read it and you will enjoy it so much, you’ll have to force yourself to stop writing.

  1. Create a title that will sizzle! If your title is boring, you can bet that others will not be too excited to hear what you have to say. Try “10 Ways to Make Your Wife Unable to Keep Her Hands Off You,” instead of “How To Please Your Wife.” One seems very exciting and eventful; the other seems mind-numbing and dull.
  2. Write What You Know. If you are already familiar with your topic, you have endless material. When you are not too sure what you need to say, it can be like pulling teeth to come up with just another line of information. Do plenty of research to make sure you know what you want to say and are not going to run out of information.
  3. Use Bullets or Numbers. Sectioning off your article makes it easier to read and go through. Huge blocky paragraphs can be overwhelming and not reader-friendly. Changing the actual form of the article adds a little something extra.
  4. Keep Your Article Interesting From Start to Finish. Change up your vocabulary. There is a great tool called a thesaurus—use it! Simply changing your words can make you seem more interesting.
  5. Ignore the Facts! Okay, maybe not. However, instead of just stating a fact in a simple sentence, use quotes or statistics. Readers love stats. It allows them to see the proof as it relates to others.

Articles are meant to be read and enjoyed. As the writer, imagine your words from a reader’s point of view. Come back after a few hours to get a fresh look at your articles to see if they are reader-friendly. Just follow these simple tips and make sure your articles are the ones readers are enjoying so much they are sharing them with others!

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