5 Points to a Successful Newsletter

Feb 12


Michael L. Smith

Michael L. Smith

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A newsletter is a great way to show that you are the expert in any given area. However you must comply with these five points for it to be successful.


It's also a great way to build trust with your subscribers by providing great unique content. Providing a free newsletter can be the gateway in which you turn visitors into customers and passerbys into friends.

In the next few paragraphs I will give you an idea of what to consider when publishing a newsletter. These should give you an idea of how to format and write your letters.

To start the first thing to think about when publishing a newsletter is that it should relate back to the information on your website. For instance,5 Points to a Successful Newsletter Articles if your website is all about making money on the internet then you wouldn't have a newsletter about dogs. The people that opted into our newsletter obviously liked what you had to say about making money on the internet. They want to know more of your knowledge so keep it relevant.

Mainly on point one is you should keep your readers interest first. Make sure you are satisfying their needs and not yours.

Secondly, your newsletter should be well written and entertaining. Now this doesn't mean you should be off the wall, however you should keep the readers interest. Also make the newsletter as context rich as you possibly can. You must give the readers great free information week in a and week out.

Third, make sure all of the facts and such are accurate. You are the expert here; make sure your newsletters truly represent that. The last thing you want is your subscribers calling you on your lack of knowledge.

Fourth, make sure you provide valuable and fresh new content to your subscribers. You don't want to publish outdated old boring material to your list. If you do this on a regular basis you may get people dropping out of your newsletter fast. If people start dropping out, send out a survey asking them how you can improve. Ask your subscribers what they really want to see, the more interaction the better.

Lastly, never use any materials that aren't original unless you site them. Trust me, if you give people original content they will praise you for it.

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