Article Marketing: A Secret That Gets a Few Disproportionately Large Amounts of Targeted Traffic

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Don’t we all wish we could fall out of an apple truck and get rich?  And don’t you love the word *secret*?  When they tell you this little known secret, you will be in the big time.

Don’t we all wish we could fall out of an apple truck and get rich?  My personal favorite is finding the magic pill.  This new software or this next program and *bam* I am going to be skating down easy street.  And don’t you love the word *secret*?  When they tell you this little known secret,Guest Posting you will be in the big time. 

Well it turns out in article marketing there is a little known secret, but I like to call it the dirty little secret, because it actually works in accordance with a universal principal.  You reap what you sow, is the principle.  You see, only 14% of authors on one major directory ever write more than 10 articles. 

Now that might actually work if you create a new language that uses the English alphabet or if you were writing about a niche that has not yet been found by anyone.  But for the rest of us, we need to write more articles. 

According to one major directory, you are not even in the game until you have written 100 articles.  They go on to say that you have to get to the 250 mark to start to see critical mass.  Why is this a secret?  Well, it’s not really, but it sure seems like one since so few people seem to be doing it.

This is why I call it my dirty little secret.  Most programs out there are still trying to sell the majority of us on some magic pill.  They are afraid that if they told most of us the truth, we wouldn’t get caught up in the hype, and their sales would suffer.  The truth is if you start working hard, you begin to see the magic.  Reminds me of a saying my stepfather use to say all the time, *The harder I work, the luckier I get.* 

I will say that article marketing is a sound strategy, and if you really want to drive larger amounts of targeted traffic to your website, blog or to subscribe to your ezine, you will want to get excited about writing articles and getting them published in the article directories on the Internet. 

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