EWN: Spain's fastest growing English language newspaper in English

Apr 24


John Ebrahim

John Ebrahim

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WHERE we lead, others follow. But sadly for them they can't catch up.


The Euro Weekly News (EWN) is the most successful and long standing English language publication and media group in Spain,EWN: Spain's fastest growing English language newspaper in English Articles if not Europe.
With six editions around the Spanish Costas and Mallorca, plus the leading English language news site in Spain, the EWN Gets It!, It can truly be said that where we lead, others follow.
The figures speak for themselves, 138,000 copies distributed weekly from more than 4,000 distribution points, no other English language newspaper in Spain can match our coverage and our footprint.
Michel and Steven Euesden have grown the group immensely from the early days. Back in 2002 when they launched the Euro Weekly News it was an exciting time. The enthusiasm and professionalism which the couple brought to the newspaper were key ingredients in the group's success.
That drive remains undimmed since their earliest days in newspapers. Having started in the trade in 1996 they have ensured the success of the EWN and its continued expansion. And along the way they have assembled a team who share their work ethic, professionalism and enthusiasm. Headed by Operations Director Nicki Burgess, the team is totally committed to the EWN, its clients and readers.
Just having more newspapers on the streets than any other English language paper in Spain is not enough. They recognised that the EWN must never rest on its laurels if it is to continue to be Spain's fastest growing English language newspaper in English.
Our network of offices mean that we are firmly at the heart of the community. The commitment that owners Michel and Steven Euesden have made to being a vibrant part of the expat community in Spain means they have put their own cash where their mouths are.
That means investing in more and more offices - now up to nine with more planned - and of course making sure we have the writers to continue to produce six great newspapers.  And to make sure the news is what you the reader wants to read, it is written by expats for expats in Spain.

But that's not all. We bring that unmatched writing expertise to our website too. We are confident that no other English language news website in Spain can match us for sheer breadth of coverage. While some offer stories from the Costa del Sol, or the Costa Blanca or Catalonia, none can match our coverage across all the main expat strongholds, from the Costa Blanca to the Costa del Sol and Almeria to Mallorca.
Also part of the group is the EWN Gets It! Business Directory, the place to advertise your business online. Backed by the whole EWN Group we bring all our resources to bear - resources that other English language media companies cannot match - to make it the brightest English language business site in Spain.  For users, whatever businesses and services they need anywhere in Spain are just a click away. For advertising clients the knowledge that where we lead, others follow is a decisive factor in joining the site and being part of the fastest growing English language newspaper and media group in Spain.