Homosexual Marriages

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In April 2001 Holland enlarged the definition of marriage and enabled the people of the same sex to get married.

Same did Belgium in 2003. The next was Canada. Same sex couples can get married in San Francisco since February 12 of the 2004, because of an action by their mayor. The question of the legislation of homosexual marriages becomes more and more burning and need a deep survey.

In this work I will try to give the reasons for the homosexual marriages to be banned. There are several arguments which can be given in the support of the ban of same sex marriages. One of the reasons is that homosexual marriages contradict the tradition. The term “marriage” should refer to a loving relationship between man and woman. The institution of marriage considers the union of two adults of different sex living together. That is included in the definition of “marriage” and even if the idea of given the right to the homosexual couples to make their relations legalized is supported the union should have some other name but marriage.

For centuries and marriage was considered just between the people of the opposite sex and by now the marriage of the people of the same sex can be wrong on an evolutionary scale. People don’t have much faith in the marriage institutions of the marriage now and the legislation of the heterosexual marriages can weaken this faith. And other questions should be put under consideration. If the homosexual marriages are legalized to protect the freedom of human why there should be other restrictions for the marriages such as marring the relative or the age of getting married? So called domino effect can cause the demand to cancel all kinds of restrictions on the marriages. If the marriages between the people of the same sex can be accepted like a demonstration of the free will of the individuals,Guest Posting why can’t be accepted the marriage between the brother and the sister or other close relatives?

The next point is a religious disapproval of the heterosexual relationship. People who state against the homosexual marriages claim that homosexuality is against the Christian faith and the Bible and the legalization of this kind of marriage by the state can make a bigger separation between the state power and the religious organizations as the latest are not likely to perceive the idea of same sex relationship. This point can become a stumbling block between the Church and the State and bring the contradictions to the minds of people. Legalization of homosexual marriages give an approval to the homosexual lifestyle which is not supported by the church.

And the last but not least argument I consider to be a very important one as it deals with one of the main tasks of our human race natural desires of every human. That is the questions of procreation. The marriage is an institution aiming to create a family and upbringing children. And in the homosexual marriages a lot of problems like that appear. First of them of course that the children can not be born in the marriages like that in the natural way but even in the case when the child is adopted the quantity of problems only increases. It’s commonly know that men and women are equal creature and have same rights and obligations. But they are not identical and usually presume different models of behavior, models of reactions and thinking. A lot of research made by scientists prove that the child needs both – a mother and a father to become a full personality. Of course it’s clear that that not all of the heterosexual families have both parents living with children but luckily most of the children have the opportunity to communicate with both of them. The children raised in the homosexual families will not have the opportunity like that which can cause very serious problems in their future and the children raised in a homosexual surrounding are more probably to pick up same lifestyle in the future and to cope the model of homosexual relationship.

Another problem the children from the homosexual families can and most probably will come across is an attitude of the surrounding. The children can meet a social hostility from the very beginning of their social interaction due to their family background which can make more difficult the social adaptation in the future even when they are grown up. A lot of homosexual couples meet social and religious disapproval but they have chosen their type of behavior themselves and must be responsible for their decisions. They children raised in the homosexual families do not have this choice and are put in this situation from the birth and also we must consider the difference between the psychics of an adult person and easily hurt psychics of the kids. And also because of the negative attitude of the Church to the homosexual marriages the children will be restricted in their freedom of religion from the very birth as they will have less opportunity to participate in the religious life than the other children have.

Of course the question of banning the homosexual marriages if very doubtful but I would wish that during taking the decision the several points were taken into consideration. The supporters of the homosexual marriages state that the feelings and freedom of the people shouldn’t be limited. What do they tell about the feelings of the religious people who are against the homosexual marriages than? What about the people who keep the traditions and consider the family to be the most stable and reliable social institution? What about the most unprotected and easily hurt layer of people – children? The questions are still without the answers.

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