How Copy Writing and Blogging Share Similarities

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Copy writing and blog posting can each be considered forms of content marketing since both are intended to influence readers to take a specified action!
Read more to discover 3 techniques both bloggers and copywriters commonly use to increase reader engagement and achieve their specified goals!

Copy writing and blog posting can each be considered forms of content marketing since both are intended to influence readers to take a specified action! The overall success of either sales copy or blogging can be measured by how well they engage readers! It is the strategies both bloggers and copy writers use to engage readers that share strong similarities and the point of our discussion here today!

Let's examine 3 common approaches used by bloggers and those who write sales copy to increase reader engagement and achieve their specified goals!

Story Telling Rules

Engaging your reader whether it's on a blog or in a sales letter is mandatory or they will fail to read your content and thus NOT get your message! The best way to engage readers is to 'share' a story with which they can relate to or empathize with thus keeping their attention riveted on what they're viewing! This approach projects a more personalized tone simply because people tend to compare the story with personal experiences of their own! Now people feel more like they are part of the 'conversation' as opposed to feeling like a stranger is forcing their opinions and/or ideas on them! Remember,Guest Posting the story you're sharing also holds entertainment value as well further contributing to reader engagement since who doesn't like to be entertained?

Readers Are The Focus - Sorry

If your sales copy or blog posting does NOT focus on the interests of your readers they will simply leave the page, likely to never return! When blogging it's important to provide people with information they can use or will benefit them in some way! What you offer can be humorous or otherwise entertaining but if it appeals to the people who land on your site in any way they are more likely to view it! The same goes for sales copy whereas what is being offered MUST address and/or solve a problem or yearning the people who view it already have! People are usually in search of a solution or answer so the copy they view must immediately address how 'their' situation can be made better by your proposed solution! The basic principles that make content marketing work are to offer something of value so people will be more willing to take the time to view what's in front of them!

In either case whether you're blogging or composing 'persuasive' sales copy, if you don't place the focus on your readers, your content will go unread!

Both Are Selling Something

Now many may find it difficult to see parallels between copy composed for the express purpose of selling something and blog posting! The fact is that the typical blogger is also trying to persuade people to take a specified action, be it to leave their contact information, perhaps make a purchase or simply return at a later date! Blog posting is just a more subtle way to make people aware they have found something they want, great content about a topic with which they already have an interest!

Copy writing and blog posting are two of the most frequently used forms of content marketing found online today! Although sales copy and blogging may have different intentions, it is the strategies they use to engage readers that are very similar as discussed above! In the end your message matters not at all if you can't first engage readers so they will view what you wrote!

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