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Just thought I'd share a few thoughts on how to use the amazing powers of your creative ... to the fullest in ... ... ... Letting you know that I start all my novels with a

Just thought I'd share a few thoughts on how to use the amazing powers
of your creative imagination to the fullest in overcoming "writer's block"...

Letting you know that I start all my novels with a BASIC
PLOT (plan) and don't have much idea how it's all going to end up
("pan out". I don't use techniques,Guest Posting like "mindmapping" and have
found that by writing one chapter at a time then simply "letting go",
the story simply flows onto the next naturally (at least I think it does!).

When I get "stuck" for a while, I take a long walk along the stunningly
beautiful beaches here, which really relaxes me and then the thoughts
simply "flow into my head". This takes hold and I get a clear vision of
the next small step ahead (always)- through the amazing powers of the
subconscious mind , which is where our INSPIRATION comes from.
.. and this leads, impels (nice word!) us into ACTION.

I study and write quite a bit about the amazing powers of the human mind...
and truly believe the "powers" are available to ALL writers,
when they simply relax and trust their intuition.

"Let Go and Let God, the Universe reveal plot (or ANY IDEA to move forward) to
you" through your CREATIVE IMAGINATION...

and it never fails to work for me (in all areas of life, I believe)!

Enough "spiritual thoughts" and back to writing!

Hope this may help in whatever endeavour you choose (artistic or otherwise),
as it does me.

Craig Lock

Authors Note:

This short article was a reply to a question in a literary magazine on how I use
my creative imagination (or subconscious mind) to overcome writer's block .

N.B: I truly believe we ALL have this amazing power within us
(not only writers) and like any skill, it just needs to be developed with practice.
The creative imagination can solve any problem you may encounter down
the "river of life".

Sorry about all the "eyes" in the article, but didn't know how to write
it any other way.
Perhaps I should have left the "problem" to my creative imagination!

" I truly believe we can all create and enthuse magic into
'so-called humdrum little lives'.
You don't just have to be the choreorapher, or the conductor of your
life script - rather paint your life as the the masterpiece it could (one day) be.

There is a rich tapestry of talent in every human soul, that flows
through (and from ), the Source of our Being, the Spirit of
God, Life. So don't spend your days stringing and tuning your instrument;
start making and playing your unique tunes of music now."

- Craig Lock

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