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There has generally been a tradition in which science fiction books have been written and this hasn’t really changed. There are however some authors who invent new styles of writing and it is common knowledge these are the ones who write science fiction books.

This is probably because people who write science fiction books are so knowledgeable about their topic that they are able to write about the possible but also about the sometimes impossible situations and make them believable. Science Fiction writers have a completely different writing style which shows in their stories.

There are authors who wrote books about the most fearful things of their time – a good example is HG Wells. It is common knowledge of the panic caused by the reading of his book,Guest Posting War of the Worlds. It is easy to get completely engrossed in a science fiction book and believe what is written. HG Wells was a prime example of science fiction writing which was both realistic and believable, especially for the time. Telling a wild story just makes it more unbelievable – write your tall story in a believable way and include some truths to make it realistic.

Ray Bradbury is well known as the author of Fahrenheit 451 as well as being the best known science fiction writer in the world. Fahrenheit 451 is read across the country by high school students as part of their curriculum. He is also well known for writing abstract stories which aren’t able to be explained immediately. Many authors now use this form in their writing.

The world is full of people who excel in their particular fields. Many are able to leave a huge legacy behind which has a lasting effect on the whole world.

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