Should Blog Posting Be Methodical?

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Does your blog posting follow a logical process by talking about or dispensing information while adhering to the same topic?
What is being discussed here is whether readers prefer your blog entries being posted in a sequential order so they read like a book!
Read more to discover why even the top bloggers eventually post to their sites in a random fashion and why it does not matter to readers!

Does your blog posting follow a logical process by talking about or dispensing information on the same topic? What is being discussed here is whether it is important to maintain a certain 'continuity' with your blog entries. In order to become one of the top bloggers in your field obviously you will need to generate traffic and then of course keep attracting visitors back. The question is does the sequential process of your updates,Guest Posting in terms of the specific theme of the content, affect the popularity of your site? Does everything need to be presented in a logical order or is it OK to deliver it in random fashion like a Quentin Tarantino movie where it all comes together at the end?

Here is a look a 3 points to consider when deciding upon the direction to take and maintain with any new blog entries and how it may effect your traffic.

Some People Prefer a 'Patchwork' Approach

Many subscribers do not mind and rather enjoy constant variations or diversions in the content presented to them. In fact most people are use to randomly accessing blog posts according to their current interests and/or needs. This is made both possible and convenient for visitors by the fact that  most blogs maintain categorized archives allowing people to view whatever posts or topics they choose and when they choose to do so.

Some People Like Order

Many people are more comfortable with being methodical and this is not unusual, at least I hope not since I share this trait. Presenting blog entries in an order where one leads naturally into the next works very well and is easier for people to follow. Keep in mind however that this approach can be hard to maintain since you may not always be able to develop new content for continued follow-up. Also it may make it uncomfortable for readers if you try to 'divert' to any new or late breaking trends or news relevant to your blogging theme.

As pleasant as 'order' may be it is impractical to expect that you can, or should always maintain it!

So How Do You Know?

In most cases, as mentioned above, you will be categorizing and archiving your postings as the amount of content grows on your site. This in turn will allow for readers to have easy access to related material with which they hold a 'current' interest. As far as I am concerned at this point problem 'solved' and you can take whatever direction your heart so desires. It would seem that some type of logical order would only be called for during the infancy stages of your platform when your archives are not yet stocked.

The logical manner of your blog posting would seem to be of more significance when you first launch your platform. Having little content to offer readers you would want to be mindful of giving your blog entries a more clearly defined direction to help you generate traffic. However over time to become one of the top bloggers in your field it would be the quality and not the order of your updates that ultimately counts. So do not get too hung up on trying to maintain a certain 'order' to what you publish if you already have a respectable archive to offer. Your focus now is purely your quality!

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