The dreaded 3 writing distracters.

Feb 1


Todd Wunderlich

Todd Wunderlich

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The dreaded 3 writing distracters pertain to everyone. Look inside and see for yourself.


Anyone can face the dreaded 3 writing distracters when trying to write an article.

Many tend to think that that they do not pertain to them.

I have news for you; the dreaded 3 writing distracters pertain to everyone at some point in their writing adventures.

The dreaded 3 distracters are over working,The dreaded 3 writing distracters. Articles not enough sleep, and a lot going on around you.

If any of the 3 is happening to you while you are trying to write, it can cause a domino effect of mistakes to the article you are trying to create.

Below are some of the things that tend to happen most when we are experiencing one or more of the dreaded 3.

When you experience any of the 3 distracters you tend to have many hidden typos.

When you start getting typos, you also end up with words that do not belong due to the fact that the typo may have created a word that is not misspelled and means something totally different then what you were originally going to use.

Spell check will pass your word by if it is the correct spelling for another word or meaning.

This can cause different endings to statements, stories, wedding announcements or what ever it is you are trying to say.

In some cases you may hurry through proof reading and do not see it.

This causes you to have an article that if it passes all levels before being published and nothing is caught; you end up with an article that makes you look UN thorough and non-qualified to be publishing articles in the first place.

When in doubt about your inabilities just stop and save your work and then you can always come back and finish it when you are awake and more alert.           

Remember that articles are just that! Articles! Not stories on how your day went with your kids. That is called a short story or an entry in your diary.                                              

All articles must be written from a neutral point of view, representing views fairly, proportionately and without bias. Unless otherwise stated.