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Do you realize how many websites and directories exist on
the internet? They're just sitting there waiting for you to
submit your website.

This type of submission method does take quite a bit of time
to implement,Guest Posting but when done properly, it can bring you large
amounts of traffic.

Make Time to Submit!

The point being made here is that you should always make the
time to submit your website, wherever you think that you can
qualify to get it listed. As you can guess, there are
probably thousands of websites and different types of
directories on the internet. Think about this low cost and
mostly free promotional system, especially if you operating
on a low budget.

A business acquaintance gave me some hints a while back so
I'll pass them onto you. You can locate these places to
register your website by searching on Google for terms

** "add url" "your keywords"

** "add site" "your keywords"

** "add link" "your keywords"

** "submit url" "your keywords"

** "submit site" "your keywords"

** "submit link" "your keywords"

Be sure to go through all the pages that Google lists so
you can add your website url wherever you do qualify.

After you complete the Google listings, visit the following
places to submit your website details:

1. Website Directories - locate them by doing a search for
"directory" "your keywords" on Google.

2. Article Directories - find these directories by searching
for "article directory" on Google and then submit your
articles to as many of these article directories as

This is an excellent viral promotion method, if you include
a resource box, giving ezine publishers and interested
readers, the right to use and pass around your articles.

Usually, there is no cost associated with promoting
articles. Somebody is always looking for good content. One
important thing to always remember is this: never make your
resource box look, smell or taste like an ad. If you really
don't know how to write an appropriate resource box, it's
best if you hire a professional copywriter to do the job for

Why is this viral marketing system so important? Well, it
can save you a bundle in advertising costs and it can help
brand your business identity, at no cost. Articles can
travel the net for years, reaching people that you'd
probably never be able to reach.

Promote yourself the smart way. Never discount submitting
articles, in as many places as possible. If you really feel
that your writing skills are lacking, hire a ghost-writer to
write a few articles for you. The money you can save on
advertising, will more than cover the cost of a few
ghost-written articles.

3. Ezine Directories - You can submit information about
your Opt-In List to these directories.

4. Mailing List Directories - Submit details about your
Opt-In List to these directories.

5. Freebie Directories - if you do happen to offer free
things on your website, such as a free email course or a
free report, then you can also submit to these sites.

If you make time to submit your website and written
materials all over the net, you'll be creating the
opportunity to have a lot of links pointing to your website.
Yes, this will take a substantial amount of time on your
part, but it can save you money if you have a low budget to
promote your business.

It's true that some websites will request or even require a
return reciprocal link to them. Save time and find a
reciprocal link tool that suits your taste and budget. Use
it to manage your link exchanges.

Quality linking from all over the net can bring some daily
traffic to your website. We all know that sales usually have
to be created from people viewing your offers so hopefully,
as you increase the number of visitors who will see your
offers, you'll be able to convert a decent amount of this
website traffic into new subscribers and possible customers!


This article may be reprinted freely as long as the
reference box remains intact.

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