Year Round Promotion with Custom Calendars

May 5


Martha D. Killian

Martha D. Killian

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There are more ways to stay in front of your customers and prospects without breaking the bank.


Trying to market your business on a tight budget is a challenging task. It can literally rip off your resources and put you on a financial setback. But you need not worry anymore. There are plenty of ways to stay in front of your customers and prospects without breaking the bank.

One good strategy to use is by using custom calendars. In essence,Year Round Promotion with Custom Calendars  Articles business calendars are an overlooked marketing tool. With modern technology giving focus on social media, email, and online marketing, traditional marketing materials such as these calendars are now getting less and less attention. But when what you desire is long time market exposure without spending a lot, then why not consider marketing with calendars.

Here are some reasons why these materials are a good and practical choice:

  • They are low cost to produce. Calendars are very handy and practical. A lot of other marketing materials try to be cost effective, but nothing can compare yet to the practically of a calendar. On a limited budget, you can already create a reliable calendar that will last a long time.
  • They last all year round. Some marketing materials don’t last a long time. Although people will keep your flyers or post cards, they can be easily misplaced. But with a calendar, your customers will surely keep it for the whole twelve months. This gives you a year round exposure. Anytime your customers need the products or services you offer, they simply have to look at your calendar where your contact details are printed
  • They can be seen by other people and not only your customers. Because they are displayed in prominent areas, it’s likely that other people will see them easily. They can be placed on the wall, on top of a desk (if they are tent type), and anywhere else. It simply is important that your business details are printed clearly on every page of your calendar.
  • There are lots of design choices. Just like other marketing materials, you have plenty of design options in your calendar templates. You can create them big or small, as a tent type or full size, with images or not, in full color or black and white. Your imagination is basically your limit. As long as the design reflects the nature of your business, you can run away with any look and style.
  • They allow you to display you business everywhere. You can always put your business name and contact details in this marketing material. It can even contain your logo, tag line, and products or services in just about every page. All these details are critical in making sure that people contact you.
  • Value added design. You can always put additional information or provide other ways which your customers can use your material. For instance, you can put a space where people can write appointments, perhaps a list of the legal holidays for the whole year, or some facts about an area that your customers will find valuable. In doing so, you can be sure that your customers will display your calendar in a prominent area in their house of office.

It’s definitely hard to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. Your business calendar may just be the materials to help you achieve that.