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If you are internet writer or somebody who could characterize yourself as blogger, including video and photo blogger, we invite you to submit your article, picture or video news or professional press release to our new PR, articles, photo and video blog portal

We would like to share with you,Guest Posting potential writer our business services credos:

1.       Article should be thrown by your media portal partner on the top of search engines, such as google, yahoo, msn.  However you should understand statistical nature of google, especially such google feature as “google dance”, when they randomly change the position of similarly qualified web pages.  As internet blogger you can still stay on the top, but you should deal with at least five media portals to ensure that “google dance” will not move you down (if you have five partners one will go down , but another will move up)

2.       Media Partner internet google ranking duty.  Internet search engines are very picky and so might be classified by somebody as conservative in page ranking.  However this is not always true, as there are such things as daily news, press releases and articles of the day – these internet publications have relatively short life, but during their live they bring you to the top and allow you to run your internet promotions and campaigns.  Our goal is to be internet promotion campaign vehicle for photo, video bloggers, articles and video news writers and journalists

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