Love that Hurts! Ouch!

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A strong article about why love can hurt.

Let us make no mistake love can sometimes hurt and hurt badly. This

hurt can cause us all types of feelings of pain and dismay as we try

and cope with the feelings of pain that stop us in our tracks. What

causes us pain and where does it come from?Pain is a feeling

that comes from rejection. When someone hurts us to the point that we

feel reject immediately we begin to feel pain. In the end this pain can

either turn into grief or it can turn into anger. In either of these

forms it can be difficult to get over.The anger of grief that

we feel continues to gnaw at our psyche because it is not something we

are able to rectify in our own minds. We have questions and the

thoughts invade our heads simply because we are attempting to discover

the reason why we are rejected.The more gruesome and bold the

rejection the more likely it is going to cause us pain. For example,Guest Posting if

we have a good relationship with someone and we catch them cheating on

us we begin to wonder what went wrong. Obviously if we cheated on them

many times and find that their action was to punish us we wouldn’t feel

nearly as angry as if it was unprovoked.Until we get an answer

or are able to file away the incident it will consume our efforts. In

many cases we may not actually be able to sleep because we keep

thinking about what has happened or why it has happened. Weaving a good

story can help us.The next time that you are so completely

damaged understand the nature of the feelings of rejection and the

reason why we keep questioning. We are better able to put the issue to

rest if we can find a reason or weave a believable story. It might be

mind tricks but it sure does help (most of us simply blame the other


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