What is Power Beads Bracelets?

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Power beaded bracelets means many things to many different people and an understanding of others cultures and beliefs can assist in your understanding of life and the enjoyment of understanding others.

Power beads bracelets are in possession of many devotees,Guest Posting from the new age devotees to the all star celebrities and even the fashion-savvie teenagers but don’t forget the growing army of sportsmen and women together with their attendents and supporters that have started to believe in the positive healing powers of the new age gemstone crystals.

Every power beads bracelet devotee believes that individual gemstone influences the body’s energy field and reinvigorates and reinforces the body’s natural frequency and helps to optimise the natural flow of energy around the body and so improve ones strength, balance and well being.

Power beads bracelets are most popular being worn in groups of two or more, they are composed of different gemstone materials, the most popular materials being semi-precious gemstone beads attached to elasticated stringing cord with each different colour representing certain metaphysical spirituality quality.

Semi-precious beaded gemstones of high quality can be very expensive as the gemstone prices has increased on the global market because of difficulties associated with its extraction and of a world shortage of high quality gemstones which is becoming scarce as a natural resource.

At present the high global cost is being very slow to reach the retail side of the gemstone market and at present, good quality gemstones power bracelets can still be bought at affordable prices although all high quality gemstone prices have more than doubled within the last twelve months and is steadily rising as I write.

 Power beads bracelets can be made of wood and can be bought very cheaply, although semi-precious beaded power beads bracelets can be kept for future generations as family heirlooms and in time future investments as natural gemstones and Sterling Silver is now increasing in price and maybe pricing itself out of the global jewellery making market.

Power beads bracelets have a very long history of spirituality and ritualistic use that has its roots firmly set in the spiritual prayer beads of Asian Culture and the belief in the healing powers of gemstones.

For many thousands of years humans has used gemstones to adorn themselves and as an aid in spirituality and ritual rites and this ideal has linked in the healing powers of gemstones and believed by many cultures to this very day.

The ancient belief that gemstones have healing powers is based on the belief that gemstones radiate energy or vibrate on par with our own bodies atomic energies.

The ancient belief that gemstones are filled with life force energy, similar to plant and animal life is believed confirms the conclusion they can promote spiritual, emotional or physical levels of well being.

According the metaphysical expert Dr Pauline Alison she says “for a gemstone to be therapeutic, it must assist in the spiritual upliftment of humanity, be of high quality, freed of extraneous energy and cleansed frequently to release their therapeutic powers.”

From Barbara Bianco a new age expert:

Three good reasons to wear gemstones;

1). Wearing certain gemstones can bring energies into your life, such as love, success, stability excitement. Usually the colour of the gemstones determines this. Wearing green gemstones like Emeralds attracts money. Rubies are for passion.

2). Wearing gemstones can have a positive affect on your Chakras or energy centres. Rose Quartz soothes a broken heart. Turquoise energises the throat thus helping a shy person to communicate. Lapis Lazuli can open the third eye or forehead Chakra, giving insight and vision.

3). Wearing gemstones can be used for protection. If you feel a certain gemstone or a piece of gemstone jewellery has been good for you in the past, you will like wearing it. It is your very lucky gemstone, and doesn’t matter what it is.

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