2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt 8 (4×4) Review

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We first were a bit hesitant in buying a jeep(with Car Dvd) after reading many bad reviews. After looking after similar makes with same features it was had not to give the SRT a go.


We have had many high performance cars,Guest Posting SLR 5000, Serveral Brocks, VL walkingshaw,Supra, HSV R8 ( 1 ford, sorry folks) and the SRT hasn’t disappointed us thus far still getting the wow factor, the car is very comfortable with leather interior air conditioned seats, plenty of space, a bit more storage space would be good but we opted for the rear DVD players, dash is fantastic with all the multi displays that are simple to use.


From when you first sit in this car when you press the keyless start button and seat and steering wheel move to your set positions you know your in something special.


The foot brake does take a bit of getting use too and car get in the way of you left foot. The rear seats fold flat and are heated which our dog likes, he hasn’t used the DVD player yet! Full sun room is good can’t wait for summer, head lining is plush and soft.


Rear hatch is automatic which is good when shopping. Outside the paint work will beg you to keep clean properly the best out of all the cars we have owned. We opted for the spider monkey mags, look fantastic a bit harder to keep clean especially with brake dust etc, stopping power from the Brembos is not a problem watch for rotor ware, around to the front and lift the bonnet, say no more, wow the HEMI 6.4, next year 6.2 supercharged perhaps? The 8 speed auto did need software upgrade after 8000K but now smooth gear changes are back.


This gear box can be found in most high performance cars, great box. If your thinking of upgrading please take a SRT out for a spin, you will be smiling every time you press the right pedal, we checked out several Melbourne dealers and couldn’t go past Mentone Jeep from Alex the salesman to Des the service manager manager very friendly and helpful.


We have joined the SRT car club and they are getting new members all the time growing very quickly, we have met other ex HSV owners so the passion is moving slowly over to USA built fun. We hope that this review helps you decide in your next purchase, have fun in getting best deal, we did. It is cool if installing an Android Car Stereo.

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