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Many industry insiders believe: Internet platform as a new channels, it has been presented with the status can not be ignored. However, this channel is very suitable for "no after-sales service support product

With the rapid development of Internet,Guest Posting has been at the cusp of the Internet industry continue to unfold surge of legend. For manufacturers, distributors, use of Internet sales channels to shop online, selling products online is not something new for consumers to purchase products through the network of shops has clearly become a into daily life fashion. " Enough to appear, e-commerce in its most simplest, most convenient, the most abundant information and other advantages of buying and selling has become the most potential in the new era, the most space in the market.

Can appear, with the first tornadoes - e-commerce swept through China, network a huge space for development is clearly not be reached for stagnation, shares the second cyclone - buy along with conducting a thorough subversion of the traditional marketing model, re-create the network marketing legend. Under this whirlwind swept through the country along with the birth of many professional buy site prevalence of big, swept across the various aspects of the clothing, catering, hairdressing, life services to a specific time period, the larger the discount price advantage, however, buy the network good development momentum gradually embarked on the prosperity of the automotive supplies industry will once again bring the opportunity and opportunities

"Buy" into the automotive supplies industry, to set off the tide of the "buy"

Now, buy a vigorous development trend showing explosive growth, just a year's time, buy, popular in the north and south, with its own advantages and its properties. Data show that from 2010 to 2011, nearly a year in March, buy site spurt of growth, development to 3265. Addition to large quantities of "professional buy site" have been born, Sina, Tencent, HC R & D have to expand to buy items, there has been television spectacle of the flourishing "prosperity". Even some experts have predicted that, buy the site will become the standard of many popular portals. Faced with such a large buy new network market, the upstream and downstream enterprises to get involved in the automotive supplies industry in turn expand what action

Many industry insiders believe: Internet platform as a new channel, it has been presented with the status can not be ignored. However, this channel is very suitable for "no after-sales service support products, such as car perfume, car seat covers, car mats and other products that are purchased through the network channels, by a simple operation can be used directly;Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality.   For explosion-proof membrane, tires, lubricants and require professional installation or replacement of products that need a service support, network marketing is obviously unrealistic.

In this view, I view the current concern about a well-known C2C website, enter the "car seat" keyword in the product search bar, the page shows the recent sales record for 3419 pen; enter "car perfume, the page displays the most recent sales records for the 2957 pen; enter the explosion-proof membrane keywords, the page displays recent sales record of 509 pen; enter the automotive lubricants keyword page shows the recent sales record of 107 pen; enter the keyword "tires" page shows the recent sales record of 19 document (s) ... can be seen from these data obtained were compared, the number of products sold through the network platform "do not need after-sales service support than selling product is clearly need a service support" more huge.

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