China key position in the global automotive industry chain

Jul 4


jodie mht

jodie mht

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The IHSiSuppli company's research report, 2011 Chinese automotive electronics market sales over the previous years


The Levanto Duosi Ji said,China key position in the global automotive industry chain Articles Google distance to prepare the sale of automatic driving a car, there are millions of miles. Google is still with the insurance company to discuss how to resolve the liability arising from autonomous vehicles that problem, Lai Wan Duo Siji is expected that the time of the system ready to be listed will be "far faster than the next 10 years if you fail to realize, Google engineer for this humiliation.

    The Levanto Duosi Ji said, Google has not yet decided how to promote the autopilot system. Although the main problem is related to the software, but there are also costs around the sensor to detect the vehicle dangerous hardware.

    He said that Google now have many choices, including cooperation with car manufacturers, as the parts market vendors, or provided free of charge autopilot technology to promote the use of other Google services. "But I do not mean to imply that we will do so." The Levanto Duosi Ji said.

    Well-known car manufacturers and some traditional technology vendors have developed autonomous autopilot technology, it is unclear whether these car manufacturers have little interest in Google's autopilot technology. Google for the project has invested a lot of money, manpower and other resources, and part of the map system and Google technology such as car manufacturers for cooperation.But asked about the autopilot system can not achieve the responsibility for the problem of identification, Levanto Duosi Ji said, how to ensure that the driver timely detection of system failure warning Google need to address the problem. "We will support the independent development of the autopilot system."

 The IHSiSuppli company's research report, 2011 Chinese automotive electronics market sales over the previous year, an increase of nearly 10%. Chinese automotive electronics market is expected to reach sales of $ 29.9 billion in 2015.

    Sales growth close to double digits, showing that China's auto electronics market is full of vitality. In the Chinese market, electronic systems in ordinary cars accounted for 40% of the overall cost. In addition, there are more and more cars in China began to use more complex electronic systems. In the east - Nissan, driven by Guangzhou Automobile - Honda and Beijing Automotive - Mercedes-Benz and other joint ventures, key auto parts manufacturing and design of the localization process is accelerating. China accounted for 20.6 percent of the global automotive electronics market, this trend will be in the near future, the ratio pushed to rise to a higher level, but also enhance China's position in the global automotive industry chain.

    Liu Luwei, Infineon Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. Automotive Electronics Division Director, said in an interview: a new trend of China's automotive electronics can be summarized as "green clean, safe, reliable and cheap". New regulations have been introduced in recent years become the main driving force of technological progress. For example, the HLL (headlight level adjustment) mandatory labeling, vehicle electromagnetic radiation changes in a new test to promote bmw dvd  the semiconductor to replace the traditional mechanical and electrical components, automotive semiconductor accelerated. Energy conservation forces the depot to use more electronic systems, such as outside lights with LED PWM widely used in various types of motor control, micro-surface to start using EPS, the improvement of the efficiency of each system to drive the vehicle progress. In addition, TPMS became popular, GB GB/T26149 started in July last year, major depot has been launched related products.