Common and Essential Camping Supplies That All Travelers Should Have

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Taking a camping trip is as serious a business as it is relaxing. Since camping trips often take place in more remote, natural areas, sometimes very far away from the nearest town or highway, it is important to be prepared for anything.

In order to prepare carefully for your camping trip,Guest Posting make a list of all the Camper Supplies you will need. The creation of this list is a crucial exercise because it will help you think of and prepare for new or unpredictable situations. It is also important to make sure you load up your camper or RV with all of these necessary items. You should continue to work from your lists until you are absolutely ready to go.

Another good way to make sure you are prepared is to solicit professional packing and camping advice. A professional can help make sure you have all essential camper supplies you will need, especially those that are often forgotten or overlooked. Here at RVupgrades, we are excited to help you prepare for your upcoming camping trip. We have been helping both new and seasoned campers prepare for camping excursions for years; we care about making sure you have an enjoyable, fun, and above all else, safe trip.

Camping is meant to be enjoyed. As you find your place on a remote and serene campsite, you’ll want to focus on the peaceful beauty of it all. Being prepared is an important way to ensure that you can really concentrate on your family, friends, and surroundings. We have compiled a list of common and crucial camper supplies, which we think will support and enhance your trip.

The Essentials:

1) A First Aid Kit and Needed Medications
You and your fellow campers should be prepared to pack three to four days worth of additional, individual medications. The same is recommended for children. In addition to packing needed medications, make sure you pack bandages of multiple sizes, antibacterial ointment or spray, and rubbing alcohol. Between these items, you’ll have a safe way to medically prepare yourself in the event of something unexpected.

2) Extra Pack of Matches and Lighters 
Lighters are important because they can be of great use in the rain. Matches should also be packed as backup in case you ever run out of fuel for your lighters.

3) Lanterns, Flashlights, Head-Mounted Lamp Sets
When choosing a lamp, know that there are a variety of options available. Choose from gas, kerosene, or solar powered lighting systems depending on the needs of you and your fellow travelers. Having proper and appropriate lighting is crucial to enjoying your trip.

4) Maps and a Compass, Possibly a Set of Flares
While the maps and GPS systems on our phones are usually more than enough to get around the city, once you’re camping, it may be difficult or even impossible to get reception. Having a map (or set of maps) and an analog compass can help keep you and your travel partners safe.

5) Spare Tires and Required RV Parts
Make sure you have your camper or RV professionally inspected before taking your trip. When you have your camper or RV inspected, you will find out what type of spare tires and spare RV parts you will need. Having these backup tires and parts will make dealing with an unexpected technical issue much less difficult.

6) Ropes, Axes, Knives, Tents, Etc. 
It is important to have a complete and detailed list of all the auxiliary tools and materials you will need. Make sure you think carefully about the needs and routes of your trip, to ensure that you have the proper materials and supplies. Traditional camping gear is never a bad thing to bring along as a backup.

7) Crockery and Cutlery
While these items are important, make sure you pack only what you need. Crockery and cutlery can be heavy. Make sure you also bring crockery and cutlery that is strong and durable.

8) Clothing
Weather is unpredictable. Make sure you have a variety of clothing that can keep you warm, dry, cool, and comfortable. Even in the comfort of a camper, temperatures can vary.

9) Food, Drinks, and a Portable Camping Cooker 
You should stock up and pack extra food and drinks to prepare for any unexpected, additional travel days. Make sure the food items you pack are non-perishable.

At RVupgrades, we have a number of different camper suppliers to choose from. If you are ready to begin preparations for your next camping trip, visit our website or give us a call at 866-332-7881 and let us help you get ready for your camping trip today!

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