Common Myths About Tyres & Tyre Repair Service - BUSTED!

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Tyres are the most crucial element of any vehicle. But there are some myths about tyers and its repair services which create confusion in all car users. Through this article, we are going to clear some doubts and misconceptions about tyres. 

Being as the most important component of a vehicle,Guest Posting tyres are always neglected when it comes to maintenance of a vehicle. Majority of vehicle owners overlook the importance of having top condition tyres in vehicle. But still, there is so much misconception about tyres - its functionality, maintenance. This misleading information leads to casual & neglected approach towards tyres. This negligence about tyres can cause you loss in terms of reduced vehicle performance & prone to accidents. In this article, we are going to bust some common myths which help you clear your doubts.


Myth -  While replacements, new tyres always go to the front side

This is the most common myth we encountered. While two tyre replacements some of the car service mechanic in Geelong, tell you to put new tyres on the front side. But actually, truth is having new tyres at the rear side of the vehicle adds stability and proper steering of your vehicle. Your vehicle remains in a straight line. There is no doubt that having good condition tyres on the front side is equally important but when you have to replace only new tyres make sure it goes to the rear side.


Myth -  There is no need to replace unused tyers

We all know that tyres wear out when used continuously. But it does not necessary means that unused or less used tyres stay forever in top condition. There are some factors which reduce the life of tyre material such as heat, water, surrounding climate, etc.

If you keep them in cool, dry, away from external exposer then you have a chance to maintain their condition. But if tyres are already installed on an idle vehicle which is not in use for a long time,  it is always the safest option to replace them. Here you can opt for Affordable & Cheap Tyres Repair service in Geelong.


Myth - Over-inflation always results in a tyre to burst

Over-inflating tyres are not always going to burst.  You have seen max. the number on the tyre wall. This number denotes the optimum level of air pressure while working with full load capacity. Even if you exceed this limit a bit. No need to worry at all. All tyres are manufactured to withstand high pressure and highly durable materials. And if you over-inflate tyres then you have to avoid the potholes and rough bumps. This can be a potential risk. 


Myth - Used tyres are not worth anything

The worth of used tyres depends upon your concerns! Used tyres can be a great investment if you make your priorities clear. You can use them as a backup option when you experience a tyre failure or puncture. Used tyres are good for economic considerations. If you still not sure, then the option of buying new tyres is always available to you.


Final words :

Tyres are the most crucial element of every vehicle. We hope that some of your myths about tyres are busted. If you want any type of Car service in Geelong, you can consider us. 


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