Daytime running lights immature market is just the status quo will not last long

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 Daytime running lights started going to the domestic markets soon, reporters in the previous survey found that many owners feel that daytime running lights are optional and do not realize that the daytime running lights in automotive safety

The high price of daytime running lights,Guest Posting daytime running lights have not been well-known and recognized, in order to achieve such as DVD navigation, as everyone knows why this thing, what brand, these are the need do, then it needs to profit to promote "high price for the daytime running lights, Yao sharply, does not hide.

    In addition, Yao total geographical differences is also a factor in price differences of daytime running lights. "These regions like the South China may get more favorable prices, the field may be no such price advantage."

    How to change the price difference of daytime running lights, Yao said the total, more people have to understand the product, understand the industry to operate, use, and experience the product, and we, as the most upstream manufacturers carefully and the quality of a good job to minimize costs, and naturally the price will be more reasonable to do.

    Daytime running lights started going to the domestic market soon, reporters in the previous survey found that many owners feel that daytime running lights are optional and do not realize that the daytime running lights in automotive safety. Installed in the car after the growing business competition the current status and future development of the daytime running lights, touches the hearts of people in the industry.

    Yao admitted that total, the market status of daytime running lights, running lights on the current day's market is far from immature. Daytime running lights and development funds and speed are still in the restricted stage, this stage, daytime running lights also can not like the navigation in a very short time to develop three or four hundred models car navigation.

    "In addition, the depot battery technology innovation and new technology, the use of daytime running lights product development has brought a certain degree of challenge." Speaking here for Yao to reporters cite an instance: in 2011, the depot production car electromechanical bottles of intelligence, power saturated charging is complete it will automatically power-off. Battery This is a subtle change to the development of the daytime running lights, a big problem. Daytime running lights, production control requires a fixed threshold, for example, when the vehicle is stationary voltage is 12V, the vehicle to start when the voltage is 13.5V, which is a fixed threshold setting. So because of the transformation of 2011 after cars electromechanical bottle, fixed threshold change. Many customers installed the previous day running lights such a phenomenon, daytime running lights, bright light, turn off the always on time running lights, daytime running lights not lit these problems.

    In addition, Yao total also pointed out that the automotive electronics industry, regardless of the agent or the 4S shop outsourcers, including the upper reaches of the factory every year in pursuit of one or two hot, what a hot spot can become a real standard of vehicles with the product, we are still screening. Which one can become the industry trends, products, markets will naturally open.

    Daytime running lights,Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality.  future trends, Yao always hold a very optimistic attitude, and he admitted that the product in the import of the customer's wait and see is normal, normal. Wei Yao-emphasis at this stage practicing internal strength, to pay close attention to product development, enhance independent innovation capability, down to earth good product.

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