Daytime running lights is different from the ordinary near the light

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   Compared to driving at night, daytime car traffic safety is relatively high, although will not be blurred, but also have a visions

With the domestic auto production and sales rank first in the world,Guest Posting there have been a global synchronization of the new models into the domestic market, we can easily find the same model configuration at home and abroad a very big difference, such as: daytime running lights in European countries become the standard in all models, advanced models in the country did not emerge until the configuration. So some owners to consider the desirability of installing daytime running lights to the car this configuration. As one of the leading manufacturers of global automotive lighting, OSRAM, in this area in-depth study, which a lot of analysis and recommendations can be used for the reference of the relevant owners.

    Compared to driving at night, daytime car traffic safety is relatively high, although will not be blurred, but also have a vision in the daytime driving fatigue, especially in bright sunlight. Imagine if the opposite driving over the car to turn on daytime running lights will significantly increase the visibility of the vehicle, the driver's attention immediately together.

    At dawn, dusk, the sky like that non Ming, like dark, dark, or rainy days, the drivers while driving will feel particularly uncomfortable eyes. At this time, the signal is the danger coming, clear line of sight is a major reason for causing the accident, time If you turn the daytime running lights, help to reduce the accident rate. Foreign investigations revealed that during the day and turn on the headlights or daytime running lights, a 12.4% reduction in vehicle accidents, but also can reduce a 26.4% probability of accident deaths. To improve traffic safety, the EU regulations since 2011, within the European Union all new vehicles must install daytime running lights.

    The daytime running lights is different from the ordinary near the light, is specifically designed for daytime running lights. Effect than open beam serve as daytime running lights much better. Many types of steam LED daytime running lights, a huge price difference, quite a mixed bag, especially automotive daytime running lights directly related to vehicle safety, it must be particularly careful in choosing. Different brands of the price difference is also evident and the color temperature brightness LED daytime running lights is a very complex process and technology parts, the process car dvd and car gps of poor daytime running lights are often life is very short, light is very easy to burn out, and the scattering angle often do not meet the requirements, so it is best to choose a certain well-known manufacturers products, do not lose the greater. Such as Osram recently introduced products of daytime running lights (DRL), using the latest LED technology, light color uniform bright sense. Waterproof performance up to IP69, and have a good waterproof and dustproof performance, to avoid the problem of poor water resistance of many products on the market, even when the car was strong impact of water flow, are not water problems. It is worth mentioning that the DRL is energy-saving effect has been further improved, energy consumption is only 20% of the ordinary near the light.

    As one of the world's largest car headlights provider Osram production of daytime running lights, work, and the original car fit, or in the functional aspects have been fully able to meet the demand for daytime running its day running lights series products fully comply with the ECE / SAE regulations and CCC requirements, is undoubtedly a good choice for the majority of owners

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